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Douglas Scott Reiser

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  • 6 Contract Clauses To Review For Subcontractors in Washington

    Payment Conditions By now, we have all heard of “Pay if Paid” and “Pay When Paid” and if you haven’t, please read the great article by Seattle attorney, John Ahlers, below. Payment conditions should

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  • How To Make a Claim Against a Washington Contractor’s Bond

    Introduction This article provides a pithy, yet reliable resource for taking action to recover against a contractors bond. Remember that there are many legal issues that can arise during a bond action. Recently, I ran into two separate situations that required courts to take a...

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  • How to Respond to a Construction Defect Notice in Washington

    Evaluate the Notice Fully Contractors are quick to dispel claims from customers. Do not do be so quick to shake off a claim. Evaluate the claim fully and consider consulting with a city or independen

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  • How to Use a Model Disclosure Statement as a Contractor in Washington State

    What is it? The Model Disclosure Statement (MDS) is a standard form required under Revised Code of Washington 18.27.114. The document that is required under 18.27.114 was made into a standard form b

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  • Perfecting Your Lien: The Material Supplier's Guide to Filing Liens in Louisiana

    What is "information ready"? What should I know? (A) The Property Identification - You need to make sure you have the right address. Addresses change during remodel and reconditioning of property. So

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  • Construction Contract Drafting: Dispute Resolution Tactics of Importance

    Claims Periods As long as they are reasonable and fair, contractors can set claims periods within which their customer or subcontractor must raise an issue that it believes may lead to damages, back

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  • Worker Injury: Avoiding Exposure to Liability for Subcontractor Employees

    Recognize when there is a problem. Determine the extent of your liability. Some states - like Washington (RCW 51.12, et seq) - have statutes which define when and how you will qualify as the statutor

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  • How to Protect and Secure Your Goods in Business Transactions

    Know the Game Lucky for you the law has taken an aim at protecting businesses like your own. Taking the risk to sell your goods to the unknown public is frightening, but it's business. Creditors

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