When I hired Kha's firm to represent my technology startup, Kha was introduced to me as the front-line attorney who I would be working with on day to day business.

I have been working with Kha for over a year now. I call him whenever legal issues arise that need attention. I often call him for advice that may be considered more business related than legal, per-se.

Usually, I can reach Kha right away and often, he handles my question on the spot. Kha is quick to connect me with one of his colleagues when the particular issue at hand requires attention from an attorney with a different area of expertise. But he always monitors our interaction to be sure that I am receiving the best service possible.

Kha defies all the stereotypes of attorneys. He is always just a phone call away. He shares his expertise with genuine enthusiasm and without the slightest pretension. He structures his work for us in a manner that produces quality results while remaining sensitive to the limited financial resources of a startup. I value him as much for his deep business acumen as I do for his legal expertise.

Kha is a top notch attorney and is a pleasure to work with.