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Eric J Engel

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  • Help me

    i have a wife and a 16 month old son i have not seen them for 35 days she filed 2 restraining orders on me both of them were dismissed for failure to show up she keeps changing numbers on me the family wont give me any information what do i do. Th...

    Eric’s Answer

    You need to contact a lawyer in Florida and get someone to help you. I practice in another state so I can't help you.

    If you were in Washington State, I'd urge you to consider filing for divorce. In my state, doing so would allow you to seek a restraining order to prohibit her from leaving the state with your child. In our state, the lawyer could also use the divorce case to subpoena her family to find out what they know about where your wife and son is. He or she would probably also recommend a private investigator to see what the PI can dig up as to where they are. IF you were in my state, you'd want to act now.

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  • Wife filed Petition for Dissolution and TRO which prevents me from entering MY property and shop housing work tools -- HELP!

    Served with divorce papers in my shop on my property by my father-in-law. I am self-employed in the building industry -- have multiple jobs on-going and can't gain access to my shop for work tools, etc. Learned FIL parked his boat in MY shop. I...

    Eric’s Answer

    Your wife wouldn't be able to get a temporary restraining order on no notice to you unless she made some pretty significant allegations against you. You'll want to go through the allegations and her declaration line by line with your attorney so you can rebut the statements made there.

    As for getting to your tools and your livelihood, you could consider filing a CR 65(b) motion to quash the ex parte restraining order. You can make these motions with only two days notice to the other side. I've seen it used before with some effectiveness.

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