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David M von Beck

David von Beck’s Legal Guides

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  • Does your pre-purchase home inspection report actually say, “DON’T BUY THIS HOUSE”?

    Home buyers may ignore significant red flags in their home inspection report. Learn why your inspection report may be telling you much more than you think -- or less than it should -- so that you can

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  • How, Why, and When Should You Retain a Construction Defect Expert?

    Choose a qualified expert early in the process, with the involvement of your legal counsel If you think you have a construction defect or property damage at your home, condominium, or commercial buil

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  • The Lawyer's Guide to Your Honeymoon (with your construction contractor)

    Even the simplest construction project will raise legal issues that deserve your attention. This is true whether you're a homeowner, architect, builder, subcontractor, material supplier, developer, or even just the purchaser of a turn-key home. My goal, in this and subsequent art...

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  • Construction Defects in Condominiums (Condos)

    Construction defects in condominium building pose unique problems. The individual units are owned separately, while the common areas, including the roof and exterior walls, are owned jointly by the homeowners association. If a ground floor owner discovers water damage in his or...

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  • If your property is liened, you may be able to "bond around" the lien

    A properly perfected lien claim attaches to the real property that is identified in the lien. This means that the property owner cannot refinance or sell the property without taking care of the lien. In many states the owner or general contractor can, however, purchase a bond wor...

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  • Be careful when making an Insurance Claim for damage to your home

    Photograph everything! This is the first and best evidence gathering you should do. Get a repair estimate It is critical to get a qualified contractor to prepare a comprehensive estimate. It should

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