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Caleb Matthew Oken-Berg

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  • Want to file to have parenting plan enforced and modification. My ex husband refuses to follow it. I am behind in chld support

    about $2000. What will the judge do to me in regards to being behind? If it makes a difference in the judges decision my ex husband is very rich. I have a broken foot and thumb and am unable to work right now. DSHS is aware of this. Also if it mak...

    Caleb’s Answer

    If you file a petition to modify your parenting plan, you can simultaneously ask that the court modify or adjust the child support amount as part of that same action. You may be on the hook for your past-due child support, so it sounds like you should file a modification petition as soon as possible. The Court will consider your updated financial circumstances when adjusting your child support amount and will consider the geographical separation when deciding whether to make changes to your parenting plan.

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  • Pro se divorce/ child custody

    Representing my self, and ball is rolling we go to trial in a few months, joint custody of our pre school age child but my soon to be ex spouse's condition has greatly declined, as in he/she has been homeless for the last few months. I dont wa...

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    In King County, prior to trial you can file a Motion for Temporary Orders and propose a Temporary Parenting Plan that has your child living the majority of the time with you. You will need to file a supporting Declaration as to why the Court should enter your proposed Parenting Plan, and be sure to provide all of the facts to support your plan (i.e. your ex spouse is homeless). It might be reasonable to limit your former spouses visitation to certain safe locations and perhaps supervised visits, depending on the circumstances.

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  • Would I be better off legally with a divorce?

    I have a serious medical condition, am able to work, but am considered disabled. I am legally married because of health care and financial reasons. We have lived separately for >5 years. We have a teenaged child. He now has terminal cancer. There ...

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    In Washington, you can file a Petition for Legal Separation in lieu of a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (divorce). The result of a legal separation is similar to that of a dissolution, except in the end you are not officially divorced. There are many reasons for filing for legal separation rather than dissolution of marriage, and among these reasons is maintaining a former spouse on health insurance policy. It is important to check with the specific health insurance provider, however, because some providers view legal separations the same a dissolution of marriage and will not allow a former spouse to continue to be carried on the health insurance. If your husband's health insurance provider will keep you and your child on his insurance even after you have a Decree of Legal Separation, it may be that legal separation is a good option for you if you want to have some official recognition of your separation from your husband.

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