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  • I got a ticket for 50 mph in a 25 school zone while I was a minor and I turned 18 before the court date what will happen?

    I got a ticket for 50 mph in a 25 mph school zone, with teenagers present and I went to court and chose to fight it because I did not think I was going that fast. So I got another court date and I turned 18 before the court date.

    Ann’s Answer

    This is an infraction and not a criminal matter. In Washington State, courts of limited jurisdiction have authority to adjudicate traffic infractions. Courts of limited jurisdiction are commonly municipal (city) courts and district (county) courts. The sames laws and procedures apply to juveniles and adults in courts of limited jurisdiciton.

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  • What is the sentencing range for asualt in thefirst degree in washington state?

    he is 18 years old and has no priors it could almost be self defense.

    Ann’s Answer

    An Assault in the First Degree is a serious violent Class A felony. For a person with no criminal history the standard sentence range is from 93 to 123 months in the Department of Corrections. It is a very serious charge. Self-defense is a complete defense to an assault charge.
    This eighteen year old should have an attorney immediately.

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  • My cousin assaulted me, I think, by slapping my hand out on a ledge of a very high ledge of a hotel...11th floor. She was

    screaming at me. I kept telling her to back up into the room. she lost self control and she did not back up. I was afraid we were both going to go over the ledge. She finally went back into the room. I was in terrible fear of OUR lives. is t...

    Ann’s Answer

    There are three recognized definitions of "assault" in the State of Washington: 1. an attempt, with unlawful force, to inflict bodily injury upon anotjher; 2. an unlawful touching with criminal intent, and 3. putting another in apprehension of harm whether or not the actor intends to inflict or is incapable of inflicting that harm.
    Your inquiry describes life threatening circumstances. Your cousin's intent is not clear from your inquiry. An assault is committed by one of the three methods described above. I would need more details of the event to advise you.

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  • What are the porcedures and consequnces for a juvenile first time shoplifter for somethng worth less than $50?

    well my daughter was caught shoplifting at a store in a mall for something that was worth like 6 bucks shes never done this or has ever gotten any citations/tickets for any matter ever she is 16 yrs old. i need to know what will happen in court an...

    Ann’s Answer

    In most jurisdictions a simple shoplift is a misdemeanor theft. A first time juvenile shoftlifter may have alternatives available which will keep the matter out of court and off her record. Check with a local attorney or public defender to determine whether your daughter qualifies for a "diversion" or the low level alternative available in your juvenile court.

    In addition to the criminal matter, the store may seek a civil monetary sanction and/or issue a trespass admonishment, requiring her to stay out of the store for a period of time.

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