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  1. I am considering bankruptcy and wondering how this affects my credit score. How long does it take to recover from bankruptcy.

    Answered 16 days ago.

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    While there is no way to tell you what your credit score will drop to upon filing for bankruptcy, if you do not have any 30/60/90 etc. day late marks on your credit report, you credit score likely won't take much of a hit as far as the score goes. If your credit score is already low, discharging the debts in bankruptcy can actually help your credit score recover faster. The bankruptcy does stay on your credit report for up to 10 years, but you can start to reestablish your credit score as...

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  2. Why wasn't I able to pay on my son's student loan through my CH13 re-payment plan? Can this debt be forgiven?

    Answered 29 days ago.

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    Student loans do not get any priority in a chapter 13 bankruptcy. In order to receive any money from the Chapter 13 office, the creditor must file a proof of claim form with the court. It is then paid on a pro-rata basis from your monthly chapter 13 payment if there are funds available after the secured and/or priority debts that are paid first Since student loans are not dischargeable, the creditor does have the right to collect from you after you receive the bankruptcy discharge. It...

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