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  • Legal check recovery

    I've been getting calls every day non stop from legal check recovery. I finally answered and they said my husband had a loan that had to be paid because he had a warrant for his arrest for check fraud. And if i didn't pay he was going to be detain...

    Thuong-Tri’s Answer

    You have been scammed. If you used a bank account or a credit card to pay the $400, you need to call your bank or credit card issuer. The scammer may use the information and get more money out of your account. You need to close that account.

    Think about this: the police sometimes take decades to get murderers, rapists, and other violent criminals. Where would the police find the resources to detain someone over a $1000 debt within an hour?

    Unfortunately for you, unless you paid with a credit card, your $400 is gone. You will never see that money again.

    You can certainly report the incident to the police and to the WA Attorney General (at ). However, there likely is nothing the government can do since the scammers may well be not even within the US.

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  • I am 17 and my boyfriend is 24, is it illegal for us to have sex?

    I'm 18 in less than a year and I met him at work, we don't want to risk anything before we know the laws on consent. Many pages say it's okay, other pages say it's not. We want to be sure so he doesn't get in trouble

    Thuong-Tri’s Answer

    What do your parents say about you having sex with your 24-year-old boyfriend?

    Since you are a minor, your parents can get a court order prohibiting your boyfriend from having any contact with you.

    As for criminal law charges, unless your boyfriend is your teacher or someone with authority over you, he would not be facing charges that are commonly known as statutory rape as the aged of sexual consent in WA is 16.

    Taking or having pictures or videos of you with a sexual content would be a violation under both federal and state laws.

    The employer may fire one or both of you instead of risking being accused of allowing an environment leading to sexual harassment.

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  • Tenant moved out suddenly and didn't warn my girlfriend and I. Landlord says we have to leave now. Do we?

    My girlfriejnd and I have been renting a room of a two bedroom apartment for two months. We were agreed to through thje end of the month when college starts back up and money comes in. The lease of the apartment apparently didnt tell the landlord...

    Thuong-Tri’s Answer

    The landlord needs to give you written notice to leave unless the landlord can convince the police that you are merely trespassers.

    Landlords in WA cannot legally resort to self-help in removing tenants from the premises.

    On another hand, there are landlords that do self-help, likely believing that the tenants would not bother to go to court.

    If you have some sort of proof that you were renting, you likely should give a copy to the landlord.

    You have no legal right to force the landlord to rent to you. So, you will need to leave when the notice period is over or risk being evicted.

    For a month to month rental, the notice period to end the tenancy is at least 20 days before the end of the rental month.

    The named tenant may not have paid this month's rent in which case the landlord likely will give you a three day pay or vacate notice.

    You should review the specific facts with your attorney to find out your legal options.

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  • Should I sign the Quit Claim Deed?

    In the midst of divorce. We agreed that he would get the house. I just received the decree from his Attorney which includes "Hold Harmless". He also wants me to sign a Quit Claim Deed for our house. The Attorney stated that if I sign it, I wou...

    Thuong-Tri’s Answer

    "The Attorney stated that if I sign it, I would be free and clear of the house after the divorce, and that I only signed as "the Wife" so the mortgage is probably not even on my credit report." If the attorney actually said what you wrote and believed it, the attorney needs more continuing education. Neither part is true.

    As you stated, the lender will report to both your credit file and that of the husband for a joint loan. Until your name is removed from the loan, whatever happens to the loan will show up in your credit file.

    In WA, if the lender forecloses on the house without going through the court, the lender forfeits its rights to deficiencies. So, unless there are multiple mortgages on the property, the lender likely would not come after you. However, you will still get a bad mark on your credit file.

    If you do not have an attorney representing you, you are leaving yourself in a bad position.

    You should review the specific facts with your attorney to find out your legal options.

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  • What to do, I got a "Vehicle Record Disclosure Notification" From the WA state DOL.

    It states that my name and mailing address was provided, as well as descriptive vehicle information. It clearly states that they will NOT tell me who looked for the information, unless i possess a valid court order that restricts another person fr...

    Thuong-Tri’s Answer

    Someone is trying to get information about your vehicle. The Department of Licensing is legally required to send you a notice.

    There are many reasons why someone would be interested in information about your vehicle. Perhaps someone is thinking about suing you and is checking whether you have any money to be worth being sued.

    The links to the laws and regulations are at .

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  • Hit a pot hole on a city street and damaged the under carriage of my car. Can I sue the city for damages?

    No prior damage to car.

    Thuong-Tri’s Answer

    The city has a claim office where you must timely submit your claim. Once the city has denied your timely submitted claim, then you can sue the city. If you sue before going through the procedures, the court will dismiss your case.

    If you have the appropriate insurance on your vehicle, you can file a claim with your insurer and the the insurance company worry about dealing with the city.

    You likely want to go back to the site and take many pictures showing the pot hole. Also take pictures of your damages.

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  • When to apply for citizenship

    I got my green card via marriage in Nov 2012, I just got the conditions on it removed last month. How long should I wait before applying for citizenship?

    Thuong-Tri’s Answer

    Have you been married with your spouse for at least three years? If you have not been married with the spouse for at least three years, you are not yet eligible for naturalization through marriage to the spouse.

    If your marriage is longer than three years and you have met all the other requirements for naturalization, you appear to be eligible for naturalization now as the application can be filed 90 days before statutory waiting period.

    You can find the Guide to Naturalization to review the requirements. The Guide is free at .

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  • Need help to expunge/clean my record so that I can live a normal life along with my family.

    Regarding Expunge of my Criminal Record(Case No:- 10-1-09085-8):- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a Hit-And-Run Felony in my record from WA state. I have perfor...

    Thuong-Tri’s Answer

    You probably should look into renting a house, especially from an individual landlord. Those landlords probably do not have other tenants whose complaints the landlords have to worry about.

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  • Can I rent an apartment with a pending Domestic Violence charge

    I have been unable to enter my home due to a no contact order as a result of a DV charge. I want to be able to rent my own apartment, but I'm worried that it will turn up in a background check. Would it be good to go talk to the apartment managers...

    Thuong-Tri’s Answer

    The WA Residential Landlord-Tenant Act prohibits landlord from discriminating against an alleged "victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking..." There is no such prohibition against an alleged perpetrator.

    Whether a landlord would rent to you depends on the landlord.

    There are plenty of convicts living in WA. Most of them are living in residences that they do not own. So, there must be landlords renting to the convicts.

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  • Maybe my kid

    My friend found he has a kid after 2 years (the kid turn 2 July 25) And the mother said it was his. But not wanting to do anything. Not letting see the child. Or do a dna test. Is there anything he can do? Beside hiring someone

    Thuong-Tri’s Answer

    "Is there anything he can do? Beside hiring someone". Does he want to spend the hours learning court procedures and the laws? He either hires somebody or represent himself. If he represents himself, he will need to learn the procedures and laws as the court expects him to know those things. The court is not going to walk him through his case.

    It is not really up to the mother whether genetic testing will take place. While a person can certainly find ways to delay court process, eventually testing will take place and the results will show or not show who the parents are.

    Your friend needs to act promptly. Under many scenarios, if no court case has started by the time the child is 4, the potential parents may lose their right to ask the court to determine the child's parentage.

    Theoretically, the father can ask DSHS to set child support for the child. Federal laws would require DSHS to start a proceeding to determine the parentage of the child. However, DSHS would not be involved in a parenting plan/residential schedule for the child (unless the child is being abused).

    Your friend should review the specific facts with his attorney to find out his legal options. Then, he can decide whether to represent himself.

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