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  • What can apartments do if I do not have a ssn?

    So I recently moved out of my apartment. I had a 1 year lease which I paid off, then I decided to pay month to month (about 2 months) before I leave out of the country for a couple months. All of a sudden I get an email from theapartmentts saying ...

    Thuong-Tri’s Answer

    What proofs do you have that you gave the written notice that you would be vacating the place? Do you have a copy of the written notice? Did you get someone to sign acknowledging receipt of the notice? Do you have a receipt from the post office that the notice was delivered?

    Your boyfriend likely does not count as proof as he presumably is on your side.

    If you do not pay, the landlord can sue you in court. If you are now not in the country, the landlord may decide not to sue as the process can be convoluted to sue someone living outside the country.

    The credit bureaus generally use the Social Security Number to index information on a person. If you do not have an SSN, the credit bureaus likely have no way to track information about you.

    Once you are back in WA, the landlord may decide to sue you. In WA, a lawsuit based on a written agreement can be filed within 6 years after an alleged violation of the contract.

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  • How can I determine a lawyers bar status in 2011 in the state of California?

    I recently was made aware that my father had passed away. I have had no contact with him in 15 years. I searched for his family when I found out he passed. When I found them, they mailed me copies of all the legal documents , amended living wil...

    Thuong-Tri’s Answer

    "How can I determine a lawyers bar status in 2011 in the state of California?" The State Bar of CA licenses and regulates attorneys in CA. Its website is . You can contact that bar that likely can tell you the answer to the question in the title of your post.

    " is it too late to address the validity of the will?" You can ask that question of attorneys licenses in the state where your father was a resident before passing. That state would be where your father's estate was probated.

    If the probate is finished, it likely is too late.

    If you "have had no contact with him in 15 years", you likely have few grounds to argue that you should have received more under his will.

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  • Need oil att. in Tx. who does not work for the oil companies. I have 2 contracts with Chesp. oil; and they wont pay

    Need att. who will work for commission and I need to start right away Chesapeake oil has taken million of barrows of oil. Off property need an attorney in Tx. who does not love the oil comp. and does not work for them. some one who knows oil leas...

    Thuong-Tri’s Answer

    Given that WA is quite a bit of the way from TX, posting an ad in WA for a TX attorney likely will not give you much result. Each state licenses its own attorneys.

    Moreover, only a small percentage of licensed attorneys frequent this site.

    So, you chance of an attorney who would be interested in your case running into your ad is about zero.

    What you can do is directly call or email attorneys in TX to see whether some would be interested in your case.

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  • Do we have rights to see this child?

    My son's gf's sister went to prison for a year. she has a 6 mo old baby. Baby was originally placed with bio gram. Bio gram didn't follow rules and since we have rel with child, state asked us to have her. she was with us a year. She is now 2...

    Thuong-Tri’s Answer

    You appear to not be biologically related to the child. Even if you are biologically related to the child, unless the mother is an unfit parent, you should not be able to see the child against the wishes of the mother.

    Having been in prison does not necessarily makes a parent an unfit parent. There are many crimes for which a person can be sentenced to prison that do not indicate that a person is an unfit parent.

    CPS is apparently still involved. Perhaps that is because there is something in the background of the mother. Or perhaps it is simply because CPS is slow to react.

    To get the child, you will also need to convince the court that the father of the child is also an unfit parent.

    You should review the specific facts with your attorney to see what your legal options may be.

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  • How old can children be left alone to watch others?

    My stepdaughter(10) was left home alone with her brother (7) and stepsister (11) by their mother. None of them had phones to call anyone in case of an emergency or had any food that didnt have to be cooked. Is this legal? To leave children this y...

    Thuong-Tri’s Answer

    WA does not have any numerical age as to when a child can be home alone or be in charge of another minor child.

    What CPS looks at is the maturity of the child and the other specific facts.

    Some children can be very competent cooks at 10 or 11. Other children can put something in the microwave or toaster oven and safely heat up food.

    Other factors CPS likely would look at is why the children are alone. If the parents are out partying, CPS likely would be more strict than if the parents are out working.

    The parents of the stepdaughter and brother likely are involved in a family law case.

    This type of issue about being left home alone can be raised in that family law case.

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  • Do I need a labor attorney?

    I interviewed for a job and they said they would pay me $10.50 and am only paying me $10. I mentioned that to my manager and he said they don't normally pay that. I know I heard $10.50 because my other job pays $10 for me to literally sit around a...

    Thuong-Tri’s Answer

    Unless you have a written contract that specifies how much the employer is to pay you, all the employer has to pay you to comply with the law is the minimum wage and whatever overtime you earn. The employer can change going forward your pay at any time once the employer has given you notice.

    So, at most, if you can prove that the employer said it would pay you $10.50, you get paid at $10.50 until you got notice that your pay would be $10. When you got your paycheck for $10 an hour, that would be your notice of your new pay rate.

    "I know I heard $10.50". Unless this was recorded or written down. you may not be able to prove that statement.

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  • Son incarcerated in WA state, his wife has filled divorce papers clark county WA, He gave me POA can I represent him in court

    Is there lawyers that represent incarcerated prisoners in the clark county wa area, he has been incarcerated since 2007 and is going to be released in 3 years, she filed papers 3 weeks ago. they have property to be divided, she wants everything.

    Thuong-Tri’s Answer

    "He gave me POA can I represent him in court"? Are you a licensed attorney? Is your son the WA Supreme Court?

    Is the answers to both last questions are "no", you cannot represent your son or anyone in court as only licensed attorneys may represent others in court and only the WA Supreme Court can license someone to be an attorney in WA.

    What you can do is contact law offices and check whether any attorney will represent your son.

    Once hired, the attorney can contact your son.

    The summons for the petition for dissolution should state that your son has 20 days after being served to respond to the summons.

    However, since the court cannot sign final orders in a dissolution case until 90 days have passed since the later of the service of the summons on your son or the filing of the summons with the court, your son has about 20 more months before he would lose by default.

    On another hand, two months can go by very quickly. You and your son should not delay in finding an attorney for him.

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  • What are the laws for Washington about child privacy in the bathroom

    My ex husband doesn't have a lock on his bathroom door my daughter is 15 years old she says that when she in the bath or shower he gos in there and poops what are the laws providing privacy for children in the bathroom at home

    Thuong-Tri’s Answer

    Presumably, the ex husband is the daughter's father. Whether he is the father of the daughter is ultimate relevant as the police will arrest him, the prosecutor will charge him, and the jury will convict him of sex crimes for going a bathroom already occupied and being used by the daughter when she has told him to leave.

    Presumably, your 15-year-old daughter is fully capable of taking care of whatever she is doing in the bathroom and does not need the ex husband's help.

    You can bring up the issue in your family law case.

    Alternatively, you or the daughter can call the police.

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  • If I sold my company 6 months ago, could my (common law) wife use the revenue against me during divorce?

    I'm anticipating a divorce and have also considered selling my company to my son; if I sell the company to him, would she still be able to legitimately use the company's revenue during the divorce process? How long do I have to wait for the compan...

    Thuong-Tri’s Answer

    Unless you and the woman lived in a state that allows the formation of a common law marriage within its borders and meet that state's requirements, you two are not married with each other as WA does not allow the formation of a common law marriage within its borders. WA has never allowed the formation of a common law marriage within its borders.

    WA does recognize a common law marriage that is validly formed in another state.

    That cannot be a divorce if there is no marriage.

    On another hand, if you two "have lived together for 20+ years", you two likely have what WA courts call a committed intimate relationship (CIR). The old name for CIR is meretricious relationship.

    If there is a CIR, properties that would have been community properties had the two persons married each other would be divided in a just and equitable manner.

    A major difference between CIR and divorce is that there is no spousal maintenance in a CIR petition as the two persons are not spouses of each other.

    You should review the specific facts with your attorney to find out your legal options.

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  • Does the landlord have to clean the carpets before new tenate moves in

    i am renting a home and the landlord did not have the carpets clean or the home cleaned before i moved in, i am haveing to do it all on my own and pay for it.

    Thuong-Tri’s Answer

    As long as the carpet is not a health or safety hazard, there is nothing in the WA Residential Landlord-Tenant Act that requires the landlord to clean the carpet when a new tenant is moving in.

    In the future, you should inspect the property before moving in and refuse to sign any document or move in when the rental is not to your liking.

    Once you have moved in, there is no incentive for the landlord to clean the carpet. Moreover, with all your belongings in the rental, cleaning the carpet would be much harder than if the rental is vacant.

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