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  1. What do we file for a child support adjustment?

    Answered 25 days ago.

    1. Rachel Min Luke
    2. Larry Jerome Couture
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    If you are in agreement, you will need a new Order of Child Support to reflect the worksheets you have agreed upon. The new Agreed Order of Child Support will specify the new transfer payment amount and new percentages for shared expenses as reflected on the worksheets. Some counties will also require you to file an Order re Adjustment of Child Support as well.

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  2. Child custody- how does grandmother get custody?

    Answered 23 days ago.

    1. Dave Hawkins
    2. Rachel Min Luke
    3. Ian Corbin
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    I agree with the other answer that it would be best to hire an attorney. If you are in King County, the courthouse also has facilitators who have some materials on nonparental custody and they often have presentations on the process. You may want to start there, but you will want an attorney with experience handling these matters to represent you for the adequate cause hearing.

  3. I need help with my supervised visits

    Answered 29 days ago.

    1. Dave Hawkins
    2. Bruce Clement
    3. Rachel Min Luke
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    File the motion to change supervisors. I would add that you should also offer names of at least three people who would be willing to supervise visits. The supervisors you name should be people who your ex would feel comfortable with (think mutual friends or a family member who is trusted), otherwise, you should expect a professional supervisor to be appointed--who you will have to pay for.

  4. Pro bono custody lawyer

    Answered 30 days ago.

    1. Denise P. Erlich
    2. Jacob Brian Smith
    3. Rachel Min Luke
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    I suggest contacting an attorney for a consultation. Many attorneys offer a free consultation and some offer low bono or sliding scale services and you might find that you can afford an attorney. I am not aware of any pro bono attorneys outside of legal aid such as Northwest Justice Project. Another option is to contact the Washington State Bar Association Moderate Means program. Also, you can go to one of the many legal clinics where attorneys volunteer their time to discuss your case. Good luck!