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Jonathan Dichter

Jonathan Dichter’s Legal Guides

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  • Why Is My Vehicle Being Impounded?

    Vehicle impoundment is a popular penalty imposed by law enforcement agencies for crimes such as DUI or failing to pay a traffic ticket on time. Having a vehicle impounded is a serious hindrance for the owner of the car, and may affect their ability to work and live a normal life....

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  • How to Handle your First Criminal Charge in Washington

    Gather Information Before you can do anything in terms of finding representation, or even crafting a defense. You need to know some basic information. You need to know what (exactly) you're charged w

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  • How to Find a DUI Attorney for Your Case in Washington State

    Be Sure the Lawyer Practices DUI Law This may seem like a simple step, but it's actually quite important, and not as easy as you might think. A lawyer who says "I handle DUIs all the time" may not ha

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