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Saphronia R Young

Saphronia Young’s Legal Guides

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  • Presenting Your Case to an Attorney

    Most attorneys do not agree to accept every case. Good ones don't! Some people find that while they firmly believe they have a good case, no attorney is willing to accept it. Here is a way to find out what you may be doing wrong. Follow this guide to present your case coherently.

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  • Responding to Allegations of Misconduct in the Workplace

    Employees have no human resources director to assist them in responding to allegations of misconduct at work. Use this simple guide to inform yourself quickly and decide if you require legal representation. If you cannot afford an attorney, this guide can help you protect yourself.

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    Preparation is the key to providing clear, cogent and comprehensive testimony. Preparation allows any party presenting testimony to remain relaxed and to focus on the important elements of their presentation. Lay witnesses as well as experts can benefit from preparation.

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