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Loretta M. Fiori-Thomas

Loretta Fiori-Thomas’s client reviews

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  • A very reliable, hardworking attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I met with and hired Loretta almost 6 years ago to file my divorce and am so glad that I did. I am one of the unfortunate folks that has ongoing legal issues ever since regarding parenting plans, child support, etc., and there's no one else I'd want in my corner other than Loretta. She is extremely hard-working, genuine and reliable, and during an especially stressful legal dispute recently, she came in on her day off and worked with me all day until the work was complete. She always listens to my concerns and explains my options to me (including cost-effective ways of handling disputes), always aiming for the most positive outcome. Court issues are stressful but Loretta is always calm and collected and meticulously reviews her notes and paperwork before hearings and her preparation makes a big difference in the court room. During a recent hearing, the commissioner even commended her on her excellent work (we won). Her office staff is also great, very smart and helpful and make a great team with Loretta. Her office is extremely organized and it's obvious all the hard work and planning ahead that goes into each of her cases. I am so glad that I have Loretta to help me through all this, and would definitely recommend her!


    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    When I visited Loretta Fiori for my one hour consultation today - which by the way is not free...and I knew that but anyway.. the entire hour basically consisted of her telling me how to keep my marriage together and how I needed to "work on myself because I can not change my spouse". Not only did she preach to me on how to stay happily marriedf.....she was also very ABRUPT in doing so.....SO much that she had to shut her door! THIS is coming from a person I have just met all within about 15 minutes? I was in SHOCK to say the least! I had no idea why this attorney seemed to want to become a marriage counselor rather than provide me the services in which she advertises and that I had paid for in I was very taken back by this whole ordeal today! I already have a counselor and in fact told her that she is asking me many of the same questions that my counselor asks me....and I found that very odd as I came here for legal advice. This attorney would NOT stop at anything and would NOT acknowledge the fact that I came there to seek legal advice for dissolution/seperaton! It was as if she had been paid by someone to tell me ANYTHING other than what I came there for. I was truly very much overwhelmed by this attorneys insistent way of trying to get into my personal life and tell me how to live it. Loretta did not show ANY interest in listening to ANY of my questions and/or concerns that were related to learning what options might be available for me on anything to do with divorce/seperation.....she kept steering away from anything aside from staying married and putting up with it pure and simple. She spoke to me as if I were here child, as if she was not speaking to an adult at all. I am 62 years old by the way. I kept telling her I already have a counselor and that she does not understand my situation but I was not there for counseling (as she was becoming more and more invasive as to what our marital problems were as the hour went on). She basically made very light of my very real and distressing situation. I felt completely helpless sitting in that room with her. It is hard enough trying to conjure up the nerve to go to an attorney for this in the first place, but this whole ordeal was more than I could handle. I had never met or spoken to Loretta prior to today, and as a person maybe she is a great friend...but I felt she crossed too many lines today with me that were none of her concern, and she failed to do what she advertised in that she did not provide me with any of the services i came to her and paid her for. I am very disappointed and now am out 150.00. I may as well have lit a match to my money today. I would not recommend this attorney to anyone. I would take a chance on a "do it yourself" divorce before I would tell someone to go thru what I went thru today.

  • Prompt and professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Candy

    Loretta was my lawyer for a divorce settlement almost 8 years ago. I trust and recommend her as often as possible. Today she updated my will in a prompt and professional manner. She is a lawyer with compassion and fairness. I would turn to her for advice or help if needed. She is straight forward and direct. I appreciate the fact that we have built a relationship over the years.

  • Would be client

    1.0 star

    Posted by Demico

    Two words. Very unprofessional. I made an appointment with this lawyer two weeks ahead of the scheduled date, and on the day I was supposed to go in to see her, her paralegal called to cancel. The reason given was that my ex-wife had consulted with her two years prior, but did not actually retain her. So what was the conflict of interest in this situation?

    Unhappy would be client.

  • Super attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    Have worked with many attorneys in my business. Lori took care of a problem for me in short order. I was very happy with the result and would work with Lori on any legal matter in Washington

  • Excellent representation, thoroughly prepared & effective advocate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by DS Mitten

    Loretta Fiori-Thomas represented me in my divorce and provided excellent representation.

    In our first consultation, she quickly cleared up misconceptions that I had about the divorce process and set expectations appropriately about what I could hope to achieve. She combined this with great advice that helped me conduct my affairs constructively during a difficult situation and avoid common mistakes that would undermine our case.

    Throughout the process, even though she clearly was the expert and I wasn't, she still treated me with respect, didn't talk down or belittle me, and it was clear that if I made a decision about something she was going to support it and do everything she could to achieve a successful result for me.

    In court, she was thoroughly prepaired and an extremely effective advocate for me, reviewing notes and facts continually until we were in front of the judge. In some cases, she knew the opposing side's submitted material better than the opposition lawyer did. In the end, we achieved a successful result and I wouldn't go to anybody else for legal help in family matters.