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Hollis Keith Mcmilan

Hollis Mcmilan’s client reviews

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  • Simply Outstanding!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Litigation client

    Cases involving complex litigation, whether business or government related, require skilled diplomacy to work with what are often rigid, bureaucratic institutions: Hollis excels at navigating the web of relationships that complex litigation cases typically involve -- both within and between such organizations and their interested parties.  As a result, he earns and retains everyone's trust - even in the most conflicted of situations.  This is the foundation of the successful outcomes his cases achieve.  So, after a particularly fraught litigation case, I chose Hollis as my business attorney going forward, even though he had not been my attorney during the earlier case: it takes something to earn that kind of trust, particularly with a Harvard MBA as a client.

    In a field where bureaucracy seems to dominate, Hollis is one of the most creative, out of the box thinkers I have ever met.  It's this creative outlook that enables Hollis to reframe issues and potential solutions to meet everyone's interests: so if you're looking for a lawyer that can bring out-of-the-box solutions, even in highly conflicted litigation cases, Hollis is your attorney.

    However, Hollis' creativity doesn't mean that he won't tenaciously hold a given line or defend a position when needed.  As the former Chief Deputy for the Federal Defender for the District of Oregon, Hollis has a deep seated, gut level feel for injustice and, particularly when he feels that a case involves a travesty of justice, he will put everything on the line to bring accountability and transparency to agencies' actions.  So if you're looking for someone who you feel will also deeply understand and defend your corner, Hollis is the one person I would trust.

    In any case, but particularly highly conflicted or protracted ones, lawyers can have a tendency to become distant or less responsive.  I can honestly say that Hollis is one of the very few lawyers I've had the privilege of working with who's right there whenever you need him, regardless.  I’ve lost count of the 7am phone calls or weekend emails that I’ve received when I was in a tight corner needing advice.

    His range of experience is also unusual.  In my business and personal dealings, I've not yet met a situation where his insight was not acute.  If a specialist is needed, he'll tell you and bring some great ideas forward for others who might be able to assist.  But his ability to see through to the simple but profound bottom lines in a myriad of different situations has left me constantly admiring his thoughtful, nuanced insight.  He's not just a great lawyer; he's a great advisor -- someone I trust to help me think through complex situations in all my walks of life.  Those kinds of people are rare: when you find them, you work with them for a lifetime.  And if they’re a lawyer as well, you’ve found a gem.

    Compassion isn’t a quality that one might think important for a lawyer, but I think it’s the foundation upon which all lasting relationships are built.  Hollis simply brings a compassion to everything he does: I recall when, as we returned from a lunch meeting one fraught day, he chimed into conversation with the shoe shine guy in the office vestibule who greeted Hollis with obvious warmth and familiarity.  Everyone else was walking by (unless they wanted their shoes shone) ... but not Hollis.  I later learned that he devotes considerable time to disadvantaged communities, serving on the board of a local school for learning impaired students.  This foundational compassion is a great strength in Hollis: I think it’s why he earns so many people’s trust across so many walks of life.  There’s a warmth and humor that he brings to all situations ... And that’s the kind of energy that you won’t always find in a more “transactional” lawyer’s style.

    So, across both my business and personal dealings, I've worked with many attorneys.  Hollis is the one attorney whom I would trust unreservedly in all situations.

  • Someone you can trust.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stuart

    I've known and worked with Hollis over the past 35 years. Hollis is extraordinarily perceptive and highly intelligent, and among the most skillful and professional trial lawyers in Oregon. Most recently, I referred a client to Hollis who needed representation in a complex commercial litigation case which had the potential for creating serious civil and criminal liability. Hollis' approach, as always, satisfied every criteria for successful legal representation: he was diligent and timely; he never over-complicated matters; his legal analysis was precise; his communication skills were highly effective; and his practical approach to resolving problems provided the ultimate benefit.

  • Great lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Priscilla

    I have known Hollis since we were colleagues at the Federal Defender's Office in 1985. Recently I had a serious problem with a sink hole appearing in my back yard and another lawyer filed suit against the City of Portland who we thought was liable for causing the sink hole. I asked Hollis to take over the case. He agreed to. As a lawyer myself, I have very high expectations. Hollis met and surpassed my expectations in every way. He was very communicative, accessible and I completely trusted his advice. His knowledge of the issues at hand was superb. Thanks to Hollis, I was able to obtain a very successful outcome in my case. I highly recommend Hollis McMilan without reservation.

  • Referral for Hollis Mcmilan

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Diane

    I hired Hollis to handle a real estate dispute after one attorney said I had little chance of prevailing and a second closed his practice. Although mine was a minor case (

  • A Great Portland Area Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kenneth C. Bauman 503 655 7191 ext 229

    I have known Hollis professionally for over 30 years. Over that time Hollis has become a friend. As a lawyer Hollis is a person who brings to each project his knowledge, experience and a profound sense of the right way to approach any issue. His long experience provides him with the ability to deal with unique and complex legal issues and also allows him to read judges, opposiing counsel and their clients. Whether it be dealing with non-litigation legal advice, handling pleadings, trying a case or negotiating a settlement, Hollis is the right person if you need legal services especially in business matters.