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Jeffrey C Gonzales

Jeffrey Gonzales’s client reviews

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  • My experience

    1.0 star

    Posted by Pedro

    Hired Attorney

    Mala experience con esta firma de abogados "NO LOS RECOMIENDO"

    Le explique bien la situacion de mi caso a Jeff y aun, segun su "experiencia" El tuvo que haber sabido que podia solucionar mi caso sin salir de U.S.A. Pero El opto por el proceso mas largo "$" por supuesto por el dinero.

    Leyendo los comentarios me deje llevar pero no es asi, segun dicen que siempre contestan las llamadas yo tuve que haber sido el unico que no le contestaban, siempre que llamaba, que estaban en una junta o me referian el buzon de voz, NO regresaban la llamada tenia que llamar otra vez.

    Mas de 30 años de experiencia lo cual no lo pudo demostrar en mi caso, falta de profesionalismo, impuntuales y sobre todo demaciado caro $ estoy seguro que en mi caso hubiese gastado menos de la mitad de lo que El me cobro, les recomiendo Inmigrant Law Group estoy seguro que les daran mejor servicio mas barato mejor trato y queda a la vuelta de esta oficina, esta es mi opinion de mi caso tomelo o dejelo!!

    Bad experience with this firm " do not recommend "

    While I explained my situation to Jeff and even if , according to their "experience" He had to have known he could solve my case without leaving USA, But he chose the longer process " $ " of course for the money.

    Reading the comments I got carried away but it is not, as they say always answer calls I had to have been the only one who did not get answer from them when i called, they were in a meeting or I referred to the voicemail , and did not return the call i had to call again .

    More than 30 years of experience which He could not prove it in my case, lack of professionalism , tardy answers way too expensive $ I am sure in my case I would be spent less than half of what he charged me , I recommend Immigrant Law Group I'm sure that they will give you better service and of course better deal is just around this office , this is my opinion of my case take it or leave !!

  • my experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Maricruz Maciel s

    My experience working with Jeffrey Gonzales in my husbands case I don't even have words to say Thank you to everyone that help with my husbands case. Thanks to their hard work, and affort my family wasnt separated. Everyone is so nice and willing to help you and answer any question you have at any time. Me and my husband are so grateful that jeffrey got my husband his resident card. I really recommend immigration law offices of Jeffrey G to anyone. Thank you to all of their staff for all your hard work. God bless .

  • overall rating

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Calamo Mendes

    I worked with DR Jeffrey Gonzales in my case i had A ViSA with his team they do very excellent work,responsibility, knowledge, trust,passion, I recommended anyone to DR Jeffrey Gonzales Office

  • Best Immigration Attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tara

    Jeffrey Gonzales was recommended to us by some friends who had a similar situation to ours. Her husband was sent down to Mexico two and a half years ago and was home within 2 months with his green card. We never consulted anyone else - due to our friends' high recommendation of Jeffrey we went directly to him and we have not been disappointed. He was very up front and honest with us about what it would take to get my husband a green card and their advice has been right on throughout the entire process. My husband left in April and returned earlier this month after being gone just 4 months. All along the way Jeffrey and JJ and their staff have been professional, courteous and in cases such as this most importantly accurate! I have referred many friends and family to them since then and they are also honest with people up front if there is some reason they can't help them. This means that those people don't spend a ton of money pursuing a dead end and it also avoids them sending someone out of country if there isn't a high degree of certainty that the outcome will be a good one. I give everyone in this office my highest recommendation and suggest you schedule a consult with them immediately even if you've been told by others that you don't have a strong case. This is all these guys do day in and day out and they are truly experts at it. Thank you Jeffrey, JJ and the rest of the team for bringing my husband back safe and sound :).

  • The best Immigration Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Van Boeckel's

    I try to get help with my case from immigration from several lawyers, here in Portland Oregon but they just are fraud. Jeffrey Gonzales, was the only who help me with my case. Thanks to him, I got back legal to the US and having a better life.
    I highly recommend Jeffrey Gonzales for those who need assistance with any immigration process. He is very knowledgeable and keeps his client informed about what is going on. He helped my wife. We were completely satisfied with the advise given to us as well as the outcome. Jeff is very professional and answers any questions you may have promptly. Jeffrey is very knowledgeable and shows it through his work, he gets it done! I highly recommend Jeffrey Gonzales!

    Thank you Jeffrey, you are the best.

  • Thank You!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joana

    Always responsive to questions that we may of had, Jeff was very knowledgeable and thought of ways to make the process a lot faster. Thanks to them my family is now reunited after my husband was in Mexico for almost 7 months. Not only did he help us, but he has also helped our family for a number of years.

  • Thank you, Jeff!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Daisy

    My husband was deported in 2001 and he was in the US unlawfully until 2011. Jeff and his son, JJ, said they could get a waiver for the deportation and a waiver for my unlawful presence, and we hired them. Now my husband is back in the United States with his green card!

  • Help with a difficult situation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lyndon/Bianca

    When my wife and I met and were married in December of '05, she had a pending application for permanent residency with USICS. We never heard anything on her application and subsequently moved from Arizona to Oregon in April of '06. Curious to know what was happening, we went to the Portland office of USICS in May. In July of '06, my wife got a letter from USICS informing her that she was inadmissable to the United States of America due to legal problems she had many years before ('86). This was unexpected and and we realized that we were in serious trouble. I, also, was in some disbelief because as an American citizen, I was shocked by the reality that my government could remove my wife from the country and I was not about to just drop her off at the airport with a "Sorry my government doesn't like you".

    We started our quest for permanent residency and citizenship by calling immigration attorneys in New York, where her original application had been made. The several we talked to basically said, "Sorry, there is nothing we can do for you." We saw an immigration attorney in Portland. Her response that she dealt primarily with filing uncomplicated cases with routine paperwork. She also advised that we NOT go back to the USICS office again without an attorney escort and to find an attorney that dealt with deportation issues.

    That is how we came to find Jeff Gonzales and his law firm partners. Jeff went over the situation we faced and while we all realized it was going to be a complicated situation, he was confident that we could get through the process of residency and citizenship. This being the fall of '06, by June of '07, my wife received her permanent residency card from USCIS. Of course we were quite elated and she got to go home to her country for the first time in 20 years to see family and friends from home.

    However, we were not done yet. After the requisite three year wait, we began the process for citizenship. Many years, many changes in laws, and previous dealings with INS in other jurisdictions brought a whole new set of problems. But Jeff remained confident we would get through it and with the help of all the attorneys at Jeff's law firm, my wife was sworn in as a citizen of the USA in February of this year. Both of us cannot thank Jeff Ganzales and all the attorneys at his firm enough for their help in making a dream come true for my wife.

  • Excellent lawyer that gets results!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ryan

    My wife and I highly recommend the Law Offices of Jeffrey Gonzales for anyone needing help with immigration. My wife and I had sought out what we were told were some of the best immigration lawyers in Oregon and California. After hundreds of dollars in consultation fees they would tell us that we did not qualify for a hardship waiver. When we heard about Jeffrey I was hesitant to waste anymore money on consultations, but he assured me that it would not be a waste and gave OUR case a 99% success rate. He was spot on. Everything they told us happened exactly as they said! We met with Jeffrey Jan. 31, 2011 and almost exactly a year later my wife got her Visa. We could not be happier. Anyone needing help talk to Jeff. If you are like myself where you have been told that you just don't qualify for a hardship, definitely talk to Jeff. He and his staff are so friendly and know exactly what to do and how to get your Visa. The key is Jeff gets it done. He is honest and upfront about everything, and he backs up what he says with results. I tell everyone I know about their office and recommend them to everyone. My wife and I will never forget what they have done for us.

  • Very competent and effective

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    Because of some personal issues related to my immigration I had been reluctant to apply for naturalization for long time. Based on a friend's recommendation I retained Mr. Gonzales's firm. Jeff not only convinced me that my issues were surmountable, his firm also accompanied me through the whole process, including having one of his associates being present during the naturalization interview, which resulted in a very smooth process and successful outcome. I highly recommend this firm to anybody considering naturalization or dealing with other immigration related issues.