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C Sean Stephens

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  • Top 10 Ways to Get Along and Avoid an Enforcement Action

    Know your parenting plan I am always surprised by how many parents don't know what the plan says or have a copy handy. If you don't have a copy of yours, get one and save it.</li> <li><strong>Follow

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  • Top 10 Divorce Mistakes

    There are many pitfalls and traps awaiting parties that have not educated themselves about the process. People often make bad decisions under stress, or without the guidance of an experienced lawyer. Don’t be one of them. Avoid the following 10 divorce pitfalls to get a better result.

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  • 10 Things to Do If You Are Going to Get Divorced

    Consider your other options: While not appropriate in every case, consider if you really want to be divorced. If not, talk to a marriage counselor or other professional who can explore saving your ma

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