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Linda Beloof’s client reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    horrible attorney

    SHE DOES NOT CARE!!!! She was a awful attorney. Very mean with her words and extremely rude to me. I Broke out in tears I'm courtroom she did not say one word to defend me. Still a year and a half later can't get a copy of my discovery. Saw her having conversations with the district attorney and laughing about my case. I Was 40 years old first conviction ever. First time to have to go to jail she made sure it was for longer than anyone else who was up against the same charge as mine. I do not recommend her to anyone not even my worst enemy, they deserve a better defense than she would ever give.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a State & Local Law client

    Does not care about clients

    I had Linda G Beloof as my public defender back in 2006 to take my Felony Charge against me. I went to see her after her secretary sent me a letter to come see her 5 days before the trial. The first time I went to see her, her secretary gave me paper work to plead guilty. Her secretary told me that was in my best interest to do that. I asked the secretary what I should do and she told me that Linda told her to tell me that I need to plead guilty. I had no one to tell me any different so I signed that I wanted to take the plea agreement and I would stay out of prison. I finally go to go back and see Linda and the first thing she told me was that I was a liar and no one would belive me so I have to plead guilty. I told her that I did not do what they said I did and I needed her help to defend me and she said again that I was a liar and my only way was to plead guilty. She said I was young and guilty in what I did. I wish I would of known better and asked for another lawyer.She is a bad person and lawyer and she should not work in the law dept. All she is about is the money and not to help clients. The worst part was that I had to pay her and I have a felony on my record and can not have a good job or a family and support them because of Linda G Beloof

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a DUI client

    Rude, unprofessional, and disrespectful

    Linda G. Beloof is not a public defender, but a pretender. Not even well at that. She bumped my appointment up to 10 days before trial for me to meet with her for the 1st time. I walked into her office thinking I would have a professional sit down, only to see an underdressed (jeans & t-shirt) woman with no makeup, unkept hair & fingernails tell me that I had no other option but to take my 1st plea. She clearly didn't want to represent me. I asked if there was anything that she could do for me, and her response was no. I offered witnesses, she said for what to proove your guilt? She tried to convince me to take the plea bargain. She was rude in forms of body language and facial gestures. She could not answer basic questions about a court appointed package. Stating that it seamed to know more about that than she did. Once again (rude psarcasim). I told her that I would probabely be better off representing myself as opposed to her representing me for $290.00 just to be in court with me when I appear. With a scowl she told me that I was the one who applied for a court appointed attorney (so I got what I asked for). She than stated that if I decided not to have her represesnt me that I needed to call the courts and have her taken off my file. I tried this but the courts told me that I had to have her file the paperwork to do so. I than called Lindas office again and she refused to speak with me and instead had her secretary tell me that she will be in court with me unless she is told otherwise by the court. I than went to the court in person and explained my situation. They told me that I needed to have Linda file for a motion to withdraw. The ladie behind the desk in room #200 asked me who my attorney was and I answered "Lina Beloof". She nodded her head as to remark I know who she is. I than called Lindas office when I got outside. She spoke with me this time and said that she was in the prossess of filing a motion to withdraw as we speak and that I would hear from the courts about it later. I was surprised that she was being so kind and helpfull in this conversation when the last conversation I had with her on the phone she hung up on me. Is it a coincidence that she was filing for a motion at the same time I was at the courts trying to find out my rights? Or did the courts call her right after I left room #200 and tell her that she had an upset client just pay them a visit? I just yesterday got my paperwork from the circut court for Linda to withdraw from my case and on the second page she stated "The defendant has verbally informed me that he does not want a court appointed attorney". This is not true. I stated that I didn't want her to represent me, That I would probabely be better off representing myself. She twisted my words under oath on court documents that have been legally notarised with an official seal. I now probabely will end up representing myself in court because Linda will appear in front of the gudge to request a withdraw from my case 1 1/2 hours before my hearing. What a coincedence. She is still my attorney untill the same day as my trial only to leave me with 1 1/2 hours of prep time for court.