Ellen Politano first represented me about 19 years ago for custody of my son and restraining order due to domestic violence and I didn't have much money, an she still took my case and helped me win all that I was asking for. She went above and beyond her duties as an attorney as she always does! Then again, about 11 or 12 years later she represented me in my divorce and custody of my child with my ex-husband, which was a nightmare to deal with this man. He is extremely manipulative and just made the whole process as bad as he could!! I sometimes did not think I could continue, but Ellen did not and would not give up and she fought very hard and gave me the strength to not give up, and I won full custody, attorney fees and half of our property! She exposed my ex-husbands lies and deception in court. She is an excellent, smart, and sharp as a tack! Anyone in need of a Family Law Attorney, should definitely hire Ellen B. Politano!!!