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Robert Lee Marshall

Robert Marshall’s Legal Guides

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  • Guilty or No Contest?

    What does "no contest" mean? No contest is from the Latin "nolo contendere." It means you aren't going to fight the charges and the judge can find you guilty. The judge is required to advise you that

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  • Letters to the Judge: a guide in California criminal cases

    If you are the defendant, charged with a crime, THE JUDGE WILL NOT READ YOUR LETTERS. You should have a lawyer representing you in a criminal case... so let him or her do the talking. Except in very

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  • I received a subpoena in a California criminal case. What should I do?

    A subpoena is an order of the court, requiring you to appear as a witness and/or produce documents. This guide is limited to subpoenas in California criminal cases.

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  • Civil Demand After a Shoplifting Arrest in California -- Penal Code 490.5

    If you're a lawyer who sends out these letters, stop reading now I hold these attorneys in very low regard. If you're one of them and your feelings get hurt easily, you probably won't want to read th

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  • What to Do if Accused of Child Molestation

    Don't talk to anyone except a lawyer. Even statements to a close friend or family member -- even a psychiatrist, counselor or clergy member -- might turn out to be very damaging. Your statements to

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  • Arrested because someone else stole your identity?

    Get your case dismissed Of course, this is like those disclaimers on television: DON'T TRY THIS YOURSELF You need an experienced criminal defense attorney who can provide evidence to the District At

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