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  1. I was married when my spouses mother died she intended me to be the second benificary to the trust in the event he died I am now

    Answered almost 4 years ago.

    1. Brian Douglas Wyatt
    2. Julie Christine Brooks Mains
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    It sounds like you may have been listed in the trust as a "contingent beneficiary," meaning that if your husband had died before inheriting his mother's estate, you would have inherited in his place. Because your husband survived his mother, the funds went to him -- and not to you. As long as her trust required the estate to be paid to him outright on her death (i.e., as long as the funds are not still being held in an continuing trust that is irrevocable and goes to you upon his death), the...

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  2. I am in the process of refinancing my house which is in trust. the estate firm will charge 300 to take out and 300 to put back.

    Answered over 3 years ago.

    1. Charles Alexander Naegele
    2. Roy Wayne Litherland
    3. Brian Douglas Wyatt
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    Unless there are issues with your deed or your case has some unique factual characteristics, $600 in legal fees seems a bit excessive. Drafting two new deeds, providing the two required change of ownership reports, and corresponding with you and the county recorder should not take more than an hour. I think you should expect to pay no more than 2/3 of that amount, including recording charges, especially if the law firm you're talking to is the one that previously drafted the deed to put your...

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  3. How do I get copy of a revocable family trust from a credit union 16 years after death of parent? Assets still there.

    Answered about 4 years ago.

    1. Mark Allen Ziebold
    2. Brian Douglas Wyatt
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    Is the trust a California trust? My answer assumes that it is.... I agree the case is a bit tricky given that you don't have a copy of the trust. What approach you take is probably going to be governed by how much equity is in the home. That's because the case has to have some value for an attorney to take it, and most good attorneys won't take a case unless it has at least as much value to their client (you) as it does for them. Assuming your father's share is worth more than $150K (...

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  4. How can I change the real property ownership from my deceased mother who died with no will.

    Answered about 4 years ago.

    1. Paul J Molinaro
    2. Janet Lee Brewer
    3. Brian Douglas Wyatt
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    I'm sorry for your loss. I agree that a probate is most likely necessary. If you are in Sacramento, I'd be glad to see if we are a good fit for your needs. Brian D. Wyatt 3406 American River Drive, Suite B Sacramento, CA 95864 916-273-9040