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Kelly Lynn Katherine Babineau

Kelly Babineau’s client reviews

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  • Facing 2nd DUI Charge

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sherri

    Hired attorney

    I am so happy I received a recommendation for Kelly Babineau, Attorney at Law. Although the charge I was facing was very common, my case was unique. Mrs. Babineau from the very beginning was diligent and tenacious with the DA regarding my case. My case was continued for over a year, but Kelly was persistent that the DA drop all charges. Although I was confident in going to trial, Kelly was able to get the DA to offer an almost unheard of plea bargain (unheard of regarding the charges against me). Mrs. Babineau laid out my options, and I decided to take the plea. Kelly did not try and force the plea, she would have been more than willing to go to trial. This is one of the many reasons I would highly recommend Mrs. Babineau to anyone in need of a lawyer. I am pretty confident that if I had gone with the lawyer my union had recommended things would have turned out very differently. Kelly is smart, down to earth, friendly, easy to talk to, and a down right great lawyer.
    Thank you so much Kelly

  • Excellent Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Selena

    I hired Mrs. Babineau to help me with a D.U.I.
    Mrs. Babineau was so amazing on making me feel unlike a criminal. She went beyond her means to make sure everything done by the police was done correctly and precise. She fought hard to make sure I got the lowest penalty and the lowest fees as possible. She did everything she said she would do and more. She did all the work to the point I didn't even have to make one appearance in court so I didn't have to miss any work. I recommend Kelly Babinau for anyone that has a criminal case. She is a determined young lady who will go to bat hard for u. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely call Mrs. Babineau.

  • Thank You!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tina

    Kelly and her office are great. She really came through and helped our family. She is very caring and informative, always kept us up to date and I felt she was really there for us. It is because of her my husband is home with us. I am very grateful for her services and she has a great office staff as well. Thank you Kelly!

  • Compassionate and caring

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Pam

    I have been very fortunate to be represented by Ms Babineau. she is one professional who approaches her duties very seriously. Ms Babineau goes above and beyond to ensure her clients are well represented. She advocates diligently for her clients and is very passionate about her job. Ms Babineau is also very accommodating, she will meet with me at late hours or very early in the morning and often times have offered to drive and meet me half because I live an hour plus away from Sac Town. We need more dedicated counsellors like Ms Babineau in the legal field.

    Kelly Lynn Katherine Babineau’s response: “It has been a pleasure to work with you Pam. Thank you for the great review.”
  • Don't waste your time or your money.

    1.0 star

    Posted by John

    Ms. Babineau represented me on a Federal matter and in all honesty interacting with her as well as getting her to follow thru on anything was a struggle. Several times she stated she would contact me about my case and on every occasion save one she failed to do so. She even failed to show up to court on one occasion and was sanctioned by the judge.

    Kelly Lynn Katherine Babineau’s response: “As an attorney I am bound by the rules of professional responsibility. This means that I am not able to comment on any matters that relate to the confidential communications between a client and myself. However I can state, without equivocation, that I have never been sanctioned by a federal or state court. Beyond that, I cannot comment on "John's" unhappiness with me, other than to say that his comments are not accurate. To do so, would violate the rules of ethics I am bound by. I do strive to provide the best representation possible to all of my clients, regardless of their personal issues. In the end, this client received an outcome that was tremendous, considering the circumstances, and he was very pleased at the time.”
  • Number 1 Recommendation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ruben L

    Mrs.Babineau Was my attorney on my case i was fighting for Attempted Murder. I knew without a doubt when i first met Kelly she was the perfect lawyer to represent me. Kelly is one of the few lawyers in Sacramento who's goal is to help her client prove their innocence. She did a lot for me and for my case from her heart. She was very understanding and willing to work with my family to help us with the money my family had available at the time due to there situation. She's friendly and made me feel completely at ease trusting the most important person in my life to help prove my innocence . Choosing Kelly was one of the best choices that i could have made . She was there for me all the way thru my case . Kelly believed in me when no one else did and proved my innocence and for that I'm grateful and i owe her my life due to the excellent job she did in saving my life. I would definitely use her services again if i ever need to .

  • Very Caring!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Veronica & Joey

    One of my friends, she works for a Law Firm and I had asked her if she would ask her lawyers if she would have them look at a list of lawyers names that I had received thru my Arag list. So when i got the feedback from them that my best chance would be with Kelly! I'm sooo glad i took that in consideration! I Kelly was there for my son and I all the way thru our case! Very understanding , very caring & super smart as well. She kicked butt! I would totally recommend her!! IF I ever an need of any lawyer she would be my first picK NO DOUBT about that!

  • Look no further, you have found the best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Licensing client

    I had a licensing issue and didn't know where to turn, and certainly didn't know who to trust. There are so many money hungry lawyers who are quick to take advantage of a client in a vulnerable position, but Kelly is not one of them. Throughout my time working with Kelly, and our correspondence, it was evident that she genuinely cared. Kelly was the first person I spoke with regarding my case, and I immediately knew that she was the one to help me with my needs. When I initially began my attorney search I went to several websites, and couldn't find an accurate review of what my encounter with legal counsel would entail, so for reader ease I will lay it out in the following format:

    1. Professionalism: Kelly is incredibly punctual, swift, and diligent with her e-mail and phone responses. I never had to worry if she was going to return a phone call or e-mail; she was always on the ball. I have never known of an attorney to engage in client centered care with such compassion. It did not matter to her if my e-mail was regarding important information, or my own concerns with a situation, she always happily got back to me, and made feel like my case was important and worth fighting for. She also knows her material inside and out, and is definitely a person you that you would want standing next to you in court or representing your name in a legal proceeding. Legal documents that she prepared on my behalf were outstanding to say the least. All documents were pristine and exemplified not only her immense legal knowledge, but also her dedication to making the outcome of my case the best possible. When I decided to seek counsel from Kelly, I also made the personal choice of selecting an attorney 2 hours away from home. Kelly was aware of the distance that I traveled and made every effort so that I did not have to drive to her office; most of our correspondence was through e-mail or by phone and that was perfect for me. Another issue that is generally left unspoken is that when a person is in need of a defense attorney, there is sometimes a feeling of embarrassment. People generally do not want to seek out help from a person who will judge them, relate negative feeling toward them for what happened, or tell them what they "should have done". Kelly never once made me feel negatively judged, or less worthy to attain my goal because of my issues. It didn't matter to her what had already happened (in that sense), what mattered most to her was how we were going to move forward together to rectify the situation with the best possible outcome.

    2. Office Staff: Kelly's legal assistant was always very friendly, personable, and prompt. She and Kelly are in constant contact with one another and always know what is happening with your case. The office is very clean, well organized, and you are always greeted with a smile and offer of a beverage.

    3. Financial: Kelly has her fees well organized and written out in advance. If you don't understand something, she will gladly explain anything to you and does not become impatient if you need further clarification. She also sends out an itemized fee table to let you know where your money is going/has gone. She was also very willing to work with me and my family to help us with the money we had availible in our budget. I was never concerned with dishonesty with Kelly, and that was very important to me. She did a lot for me, and for my case from her heart. She is one of the few true lawyers out there who has the ultimate goal of helping their client out of precarious situations, and seeing them succeed.

    Choosing Kelly was one of the best choices that I could have made, and I am more than willing to refer her to a friend or loved one. I know without a doubt that they would be in safe, educated, and compassionate hands.

  • not responsive

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Appeals client

    I called the attorney office on a Monday AM, gave my overview. I was told that the attorney should give me a call back regarding a WRIT no later than Wednesday. I called back on Friday of the same week, was told that the attorney was given my request for help. Then told that the notes were there but the phone assistant must have made a mistake. and forgot to call me. It was obvious to me that if I couldn't even get a call back to hire this attorney, She would be difficult to get a returned call once she had her retainer. I chose not to hire her for this reason

    Kelly Lynn Katherine Babineau’s response: “I am sorry that your call was not returned in a more timely fashion. I have spoken with my assistant regarding this failure of communication. As a result, we have implemented new office policies that will prevent this from reoccurring. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.”
  • Kelly babineau was veryhelpful!! A great person and woman!! Such a pleasure to work with!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joelann

    Kelly was VERY helpful to me, she was understanding to my issues and spoke to me as a person, not a case!! I would recommend her to all of my friends!!