Mr. Jasmine is a well respected attorney in the labor/employment industry. I contacted his office and spent a lot of time gathering documents and meeting with staff regarding an issue with my employer which is a government agency. It was recommended that I first utilize the department's internal investigation, DFEH (state) and EEOC (federal) processes first and then contact their office once the other steps were complete. After more than seven months and no results from the government processes, I contacted his office (as recommended) but was told that they would no longer help me and my case. His firm represents several state unions and with a new governor comes new political appointments. The unions lobby ($$$) very strongly as to who they want appointed to the high level positions within state agencies. I strongly believe politics played a huge roll in Mr. Jasmine no longer wanting to represent me. So as long as you're not going up against someone their unions put in office, you might get help. It must be true, you can't fight City Hall.