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Mihaella Cornelia Smith

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    my SELVIS record was terminated today because I was sick for three weeks and I have a doctors note for it and then right afterwards my car got towed and I did not have enough money to get it out. Therefore it got terminated and I was dropped out o...

    Mihaella’s Answer

    It sounds like you might've fallen out of status. You should contact your school immediately and explain what happened to your DSO. Bring the doctor's note and all other evidence you might have. Have you had a conversation with them regarding your grades?

    Also, did you marry a U.S. Citizen? In that case, you can adjust your status based on that marriage. Otherwise, if you are unable to get reinstated, you will be out of status and will be considered to be here illegally.

    You should consult an attorney. If you want to contact me, you can reach me at 916-302-4203.

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  • Filing married filing separate tax but don't have husband's income, do I HAVE to have it?

    My husband and I separated in 2010. I have NOT lived with him since then. We did file for divorce; however, it is not finalized yet. Last year, he ask me if I wanted to file joint taxes with him as he would owe if he filed separate but if we fi...

    Mihaella’s Answer

    Normally, it is advantageous to file a joint return. However, in your case, it sounds like you will not be able to file a joint return without his specific knowledge and signature, which are needed to file jointly. You will need his income information and his consent to file jointly. The repercussions of giving false information on a tax return are very serious. Your best bet is to file single.

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