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Joseph Baxter’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Litigation client

    Trustworthy, Diligent, Intelligent

    Joseph Baxter has handled several cases for me. He is an extremely intelligent man. Because of Mr. Baxter's background in US Constitutional law, he is unique in that he always thinks "outside the box." Mr. Baxter is trustworthy, diligent, and intelligent. He will fight for your case and inform you along the way. Mr. Baxter's worth ethic is of the highest degree.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by RJ

    An extraordinary attorney, guided by integrity and justice appropriately!

    Firstly, Thank-you Joseph Baxter for your integrity and consistent honesty in alignment with the constitution of the United States of America!
    I was truly devastated when I found myself in search of another lawyer to represent me in two very complex cases. Not having a background in legal matters, I was oblivious to the illegalities people exploited, while I was trying to regain ownership for my properties. Confused and naive to the justice system; thelong list of lawyers recommended to me appeared to only add injurious problems to the predictament I was already addressing. Prior to meeting attorney Joseph Baxter,I was introduced to several lawyers from Modesto to Redwood City. None of them held the qualities I felt were pertinent in selecting one to represent me in the court of law. Most of them, however, had calculated my financial prestige prior to our initial meeting. The emphasis revolved around extensive conversation regarding hefty funds within my reach. Each assured their services would be the final decree in which to bargain the remaining properties. As if by an intervention of Providence; (and trusting my intuition) the name in the phone book that pleased my senses was that of Joseph Baxter! I have discovered the value of utilizing this sixth sense favorably, as I have not been disappointed in selecting this professional to represent me!
    Even though I was quite disillusioned with substantial illegal manuvers thrown my way; attorney Joseph Baxter held the space for me to express my emotional trauma, without going there with me ( a valuable trait in itself). He listened intently to my friends regurgitating the formalities, with an alertness I had not witnessed before. Mr. Baxter, calmly revived the depressed, inactive unused documentation to appropriated status. Then immediately provided approachable solutions in which he contacted the opposing parties by phone within minutes. His profound ability to negotiate was unbelieveable! Such poise in his coorespondences, yet strength in his incontestable convictions!
    Even though my recollection of those first meetings were consumed in a state of heightened overaction succeeding the initial shock, I experienced an infinite bodily emotional sensation resulting in feelings of being in a safe and protected environment. Joseph Baxter truly brings such an aura of authenticity without touching or pushing his beliefs upon his clients accordingly.His mannerisms honor those about him, with a perfectly orchestrated space between each participant honorably. Very aware of each individual within the space, so as to provide ample room to explore the possibilities intelligently. Yet, all the while, his presence along with his extended legal capabilities, makes one know they are in the best of hands (not even State Farm could provide better hands of insurance) regardless of the predictament.

    Throughout these past years, his strength, compassion and wisdom has proved to be consistently authentic! Such a model of justice outspreads beyond himself, to that of his extraordinary staff. Each member holding the integrity and confidentiality of each client with honor, while delivering their particular specialty within the firm brilliantly.
    Upon visiting the firm, a dignified gentleman by the name of Ken, greets whomever appears through the doors with enduring compassion with unequiv dignified eloquence. Plus, he possesses the rare art of patience. AND( trust me on this one), he has the unique awareness to remind clients of neccessary materials that were due weeks prior, without making them feel "bad" or "wrong" in their forgetfulness, even though they may continue to go "unconscious" in their forgetfulness regarding documents, phone numbers, etc. His patience is much to be admired!

    I also had the privilege to work with a very knowledgeable and profoundly articulate lovely woman, named, Jeanette. Her talents are endless in navigating materials and documentation so as to find the absolutes in any case. This informative woman (wise beyond her years), who amongst the rest of the staf