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Timothy James Schmal

Timothy Schmal’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by sandra

    I chose Mr. Schmal after interviewing 5 other attorneys because he was excited about the case

    Wow, We won our case!!!! This attorney is the best, and super smart! We settled on an agreeable amount for all my injuries. I fell off a zip line and had serious injuries. Mr. Schmal found all kinds of information about the property I fell from and the zip line construction that had flaws. I was over whelmed with Timothy, and his excitement about the case. I never was fearful about losing my case. I knew Tim would do what was necessary. I liked how Mr. Schmal would call for a meeting and explain what was happening, I could listen to him all day long, smart, smart, smart.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jenny

    Lightning quick whit, meticulous organization and just plain nice

    After hearing my story and seeing the evidence, Tim accepted my case with enthusiasm and determination. He would always answer my rudimentary questions with compassion, clarity and humor, exhibiting a most exemplary and entertaining gift of verbal expression. He actually made the experience of suing a large corporation rather enjoyable. Tim’s whit and meticulous preparation for our meetings lightened my spirits as I continued to heal from the accident. Three years later he had an enormous stack of organized documents. He seemed to know the exact where, why and how of every single detail that was contained within several six inch thick folders. His brief of our case was extremely thorough, strongly written and very persuasive. Every single argument he made was backed up with clear evidence and pertinent resources.

    We went into mediation well prepared. I was so interested in the skill with which Tim presented our case that I almost forgot about the goal of that meeting! Yes, he’s that good. The outcome was much better than I ever expected. We were offered a sizable settlement. I believe Tim raises the bar pretty high. I would recommend him to others without hesitation.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Administrative Law client

    Great Counsel for Regular People

    Tim is a great communicator, and finds the best way to handle legal issues. He worked hard to keep us out of litigating a problem with one of my neighbors, which helped create the best solution for us. I like how he thinks about what is best for the client and dedicated to helping you solve problems in the most productive way. I also really enjoy Tim as a person, he has compassion and great sense of humor, very helpful when things got a little tense! I would hire him again if I needed him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by JACQUELYN

    Tim Schmal's review

    Tim is an exceptional litigator. In my lawsuit, which had been ongoing for approximately 10 years, he was engaged to defend me as my former litigator had gone to another law firm. Tim was brought in approximately 1 month before going to trial. He had 3 1/2 weeks to prepare for trial. There were 3-4 banker boxes of files to review to adequately prepare to defend this case. He kept me fully informed about his approach to this matter. I was absolutely amazed at how quickly he was able to grasp the pertinent facts of the case. Tim's retention qualities are unbelievable. During the week of the trial he was on top of all of the facts and knew and could refer to all the opposing counsel's arguments and exhibits, better than the opposing counsel. His closing arguments were factual, cohesive and on point. Tim spoke for almost 45-50 minutes and did not once consult his notes. Both attorneys had 4 days to submit briefs with supporting points and authorities to the Judge for a decision in their favor. The Judge, after reviewing the briefs, submitted his decision almost verbatim using Tim's brief and adding strong wording of his own. Tim overwhelmingly prevailed in my case.

    I cannot say enough about Tim as an exceptional litigator. Not only being impeccably groomed and well dressed, he presents himself as a very genial and compassionate person that you can rely on. Tim grasps the pertinent facts of the case and is able to summarize and present the issues in a forthwith manner; extremely factual and point on. Tim not only has a photogenic memory which is absolutely amazing, but thinks quickly on his feet rebutting opposing counsel's interpretation of facts.

    I have been associated within the legal field for the last 35 years and I can truthfully say that Tim Schmal's legal and litigation qualities are exceptional. I highly recommend him to anyone facing a trial. You can rely on his expertise to help you out of a difficult situation.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Karen

    Consummate Professional

    We were referred to Mr. Schmal by our law firm whose litigator had moved on. This was a landlord/tenant lease dispute which had gone awry several years prior and was dragging on one lawsuit at a time. My relative in this situation is the landlord. Tim took our case, which, at best, was convoluted. I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Schmal. He met with our family, we discussed the case, he retrieved several boxes of files from our attorney and he set to work. He somehow was able to wade through 10 years of depositions, judgements, summary judgments, briefs and agreements and cull only the pertinent information. He memorized all the information, legal points, facts, dates and dollar amounts and very rarely had to consult his notes. It was awesome! I was on the edge of my seat for those three days we went to trial. I was amazed at the job that Mr Schmal did for my family. He was first our attorney, but somewhere along the line became our coach, teacher, mentor, advisor, psychiatrist, and pillar of strength. And in the end, Mr Schmal became our hero. We did prevail, which was kind of the point when you go to trial, but even if we hadn't, he would still be all those things to us. What a fabulous attorney he is and how lucky I feel to have been referred to Tim Schmal. I would strongly recommend this attorney to anyone shopping around. He is truly exceptional.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Government client

    Timothy J. Schmal

    My experience with Mr. Schmal has been in the defense of government entities for claims and lawsuits charging the entity with wrongdoing, specifically police related liability cases. He has defended me on several occasions. Each time, the outcome has been favorable and fair. He is very thorough in his case preparation and presents well in trial situations. He is passionate about his work and the cases he chooses to defend. He can be trusted fully to represent his clients to the fullest extent. As a governmental manager, I recommend Mr. Schmal to any other entity seeking defense representation of governmental claims and liability cases.