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Excellent Work Handling a Borrower who Defaulted

Posted by: a Debt Collection client over 7 years ago.

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I recommend Patric Kelly

I hired Patric more than 3 years ago.

Patric handled my Debt Collection matter.

I have previously worked with 6-10 lawyers.

I was part of a group that lent money to a borrower who decided to stop paying. Patric gave us excellent advice on how to proceed and was very conscious of how to limit our legal fees and get the most work done at moderate cost. Other lawyers we spoke to before choosing Patric seemed to be less responsive and to propose approaches that would have incurred significantly higher legal fees. He was pleasant to work with and knowledgible. He was always prompt in returning my calls and emails. On a few occasions I had to remind him about next steps he had committed to, but that had slipped due to his high workload.