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Francine Denise Ward

Francine Ward’s Legal Guides

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  • Defamation-- How to Avoid Being Sued for Something You Say on the Internet.

    Defamatory statement. A statement against someone's reputation, which is intended to cause injury to that person. A defamatory statement can be libel (in a written form) or slander (in an oral state

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  • Social Media DOs and DON'Ts: 3 Legal Landmines to Watch Out For

    Not Having a Social Media Use Policy The biggest mistake small business entrepreneurs make is not having a social media use policy. Many business owners think they don’t need one, because they alread

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  • Work Made for Hire. Copyright Ownership.

    Yesterday I got a phone call from a distressed client, who was upset because her wedding photographer sent her a letter stating she could not post her wedding photos on her website. She was livid, saying to me that she paid $4700 for her wedding photos, and that she should be abl...

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  • Copyright Rights. Copyright Information. Author's Rights.

    Last week I negotiated a pretty good deal for one of my author clients. She was ready to sign away all of her valuable subsidiary rights, until I stepped into the picture. Without bragging, I will say, had she not brought me in when she did, she would be tied to this publisher fo...

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  • How to Protect Your Trademark!

    USE it! The key to trademark protect is USE! Continue to use your mark in all the ways you said you were using it. Periodically review the class descriptions you included in your trademark applicati

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