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Anthony Stuart Lowenstein

Anthony Lowenstein’s Answers

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  • PC 653(f)

    I want to know if pc 653(c) has to be posted on the internet. Also is pc 653(c) a specific intent because I want to go to court with a lawyer to end my sex offender registration pc 290.

    Anthony’s Answer

    PC 653(f) and PC 653(c) are different crimes, so you need to specify exactly which you need help with. Generally PC 290 registrable offenses are always specific intent and are available on the internet or other online public sources. A lawyer could advise you if you are able to challenge your PC 290 Registration under your circumstances. I hope this helps a bit.

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  • I'm serving a ten year lost of license for Dui, is there any way i can get my license back early?

    I'am willing to have a breathalyzer installed in my car, if that can get my license back early. Also in one of the law books a police officer recevied his license back for the purpose of a job after his 3rd Dui, is it possible for me to get my lic...

    Anthony’s Answer

    A ten year loss of license is quite severe and must be for multiple DUI convictions.
    Often the D.M.V. or Court's will allow you to make an application for driving if you can demonstrate a critical need - ie. you have to drive for work or personal reasons, and there is noone who can drive you, and no adequate public transportation. Certainly, having an Ignition Interlock Device (intoxilyzer) in your car would help that application. You need to ask a local attorney in the state that suspended your license, and see the specifics of DMV and Court relief for driving priviliges restoration on suspended licenses.

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