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  1. Can a lawyer get me a restricted license through court on a second offense? and can a lawyer help graveyard get work furlough?

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    You can obtain a license after a second offense provided you (1) install a breath machine on your car, (2) have an SR 22, and (3) enroll in DUI school. This law was passed last year, after I testified for it in Sacramento. As for work forlough, that is up to the Sheriff to decide.

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  2. Received a DUI, blew into the breathalyzer at the station and was refused a lawyer

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    Ms. Berry-Jacoby's answer is mostly correct with one exception. There are Constitutional protections when blood is drawn, especially if it is a forced blood. Under Schmerber v California any blood test must meet certain requirements or they may be inadmissible in court.

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