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Nikki Clark

Nikki Clark’s client reviews

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  • A Lawyers Lawyer and beyond

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired attorney

    Nikki did an outstanding job utilizing her professionalism, wisdom, negotiation skills, and a longstanding reputation, exercising Herculean efforts, to represent me through a really nasty divorce. Her guidance was always honest, practical, and intelligent. She knows the system, the people, knows her stuff. She wrapped it up ON CHRISTMAS From bed with pneumonia to bring the entire sad event to a close. She had no fear when confronting a notoriously low-balling attacking attorney. Before and after, I have had opportunity to meet various young attorneys after Nikki Clarks mentoring, they grew excited proclaiming her with reverence, affection, and real respect. I remained able to feel confident and held my head high with her representation where previous attorney's had convinced me that I had little to gain. Everyone who is anyone, knows of Nikki Clark and her abilities and her integrity and devotion for her profession.

  • Highly Recommend!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sue

    Since 2001 when my divorce process began, right through recently when I had simple questions I needed answers for, and any and all bumps in-between, Nikki Clark has been there for me and my children all the way. Her number one concerns were always keeping my children's needs and well-being first, and keeping costs down. She has miles and miles of patience, but also has a passionate side that will be fiercely protective when necessary. While it was never fun to deal with divorce and all that comes with it, I could always count on Nikki to be real, and to have our backs. She was present for us whenever we needed her and worked with us on sensitive issues in a most professional manner, but with the heart of a mother. Nikki's knowledge and experience got us through even the most ridiculous twists and turns that sometimes I never saw coming or expected to happen. Well-prepared, professional, strong, smart, experienced, well-respected, honest, caring. Nikki Clark is a classy and top-notch person. I highly recommend hiring Nikki Clark.

  • She is the Willie Mays of Family Law Attorneys

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tony

    When it comes to advocating for the well-being of children and families, Ms. Clark is tenacious, passionate, unyielding and a grinder, yet is also kind, empathetic and understanding at the same time. Oh, and she's a brilliant woman as well. There is no secret to her success; that she is one of the best in the business isn't a fluke. Nikki is also one of the best human beings anyone could ever meet, which doesn't hurt, either. I know Ms. Clark professionally and personally, but the last job in America I'd want is to be opposing counsel against her. As we used to say in Brooklyn, "That girl don't play." But her standards for fairness, ethical behavior and top-shelf standards are impeccable. I would not only recommend, but order, anyone who needed representation in this arena to hire her. Don't even think of going anywhere else.

  • Talented, knowledgeable, efficient

    5.0 stars

    Posted by josh

    I have worked with Nikki several times over the past few years, from my original divorce through to several rounds of alterations and a sizable child custody dispute. She has helped me focus on the most important points and work toward the best outcome for my children, and she has very effectively streamlined the process to keep the cost manageable. The result has been positive and my children are happy and stable, and Nikki has been instrumental in bringing us here.

  • This is a true wholehearted review of Attorney Nikki Clark.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Attorney Nikki Clark is quick to forget true details of each case, failed to investigate factual evidence and consider witness testimony to discuss real issues surrounding case. Completely BIASED lawyer. Nikki Clark bases her decision on prior cases and assumes that similar cases are all the same. This should RAISE a red flag!! EVERY CASE IS DIFFERENT AND EVERY INDIVIDUAL IS DIFFERENT.

    For example, our 8yo daughter had concerns regarding abuse in other parents household. Nikki thought we were painting father in a negative light so Nikki didn't bother to speak to our daughter.

    We want to make sure that what happened to our family and our 8yo daughter never happens to your family.

  • Excellent Experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Donna

    She always returned my calls or answered my emails. She was careful to be sure I understood what was being done each step of the way during my divorce and what I should expect next. She listened carefully to my needs and concerns and worked to keep my costs down as much as possible. Although I know she was busy with many clients, every time we worked together I felt like I was her only client. It was truly an excellent experience while going through a very difficult time. Thank you.