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Paul Gerard Minoletti

Paul Minoletti’s Legal Guides

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  • Estate Planning

    Why should I plan my estate? You have worked hard to accumulate what you have. In order to make sure that your hard-earned assets go where you wish, estate planning is imperative. Paul Minoletti can help you make your wishes clear and help plan for your future and the future of...

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  • Business Law

    Many large companies have their own full time in-house counsel, most small businesses do not. Either they cannot afford to hire a full-time lawyer, or they do not need legal help for forty hours a week. Paul Minoletti can fill that niche. He serves as counsel to many small busine...

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  • Real Estate and Construction Law

    Real estate is more than land and buildings. It is an investment. It may be the family home. Paul has over 20 years of experience with real estate transactions, purchase and sale issues, construction contracts and defects, mechanics liens, payment/collection problems, landlord te...

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  • Consumer Law

    A "lemon" is generally defined as a product with substantial defects that impair its use, safety or value, such as a car with transmission problems, an RV that leaks, a manufactured home with cracks in the walls, a boat with lack of power, even a Ferrari with squeaky brakes. Pa...

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  • Manufactured Home Inspection Guide

    This legal guide explains the importance of having a manufactured home inspected, what should be looked for, and what areas should be inspected.

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  • Maufactured Home Warranty Guide

    Manufactured Home Warranty Guide In a recent poll, AARP found that "77% of mobile home owners reported at least one problem with the construction, installation, systems or appliances of their new homes." This Guide will outline how you can spot common problems and encourage you t...

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