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Alexandra Sanela Gadzo

Alexandra Gadzo’s Answers

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  • Can instructions in a "Will" supersede those given to a life insurance co. about the beneficiaries of a life insurance policy?

    I just filed divorce papers last week , and I am going in the hospital next week and need to change the percentage of policy that goes to the two beneficiaries ( one is daughter and the other is friend of 30 years ) and the life insurance polic...

    Alexandra’s Answer

    Since you just filed for divorce in California, ATROs are in effect (Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders). This means that you cannot change beneficiaries on your life insurance policy without your spouses consent and/or a court order. You can obtain the approriate waiver form from the insurance company that your wife needs to sign before a notary. Your Will does NOT change the beneficiary designations as they are on file with the life insurance company. Anything you say in your will does not change the beneficiary designations. A e-mail message will NOT work.

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  • My probate attorney is a procrastinator. What can I do to get him moving?

    I hired this attorney 14 months ago to handle a simple probate. Each week I call him and he has another excuse as to why he has not finished filing with the courts. What options do I have to get him moving?

    Alexandra’s Answer

    You can send him a letter asking him regarding the status of the probate and what items are remaining and what the attorney believes the time estimate is regarding the final distribution of the probate. Send the letter certified mail; return receipt. Also, state in the letter that you would like a written response within 10 days of the mailing. If he does not respond, or if he ignores you, send him another letter stating that you will look for another attorney to take over the matter.

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