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Christopher Francis Morales

Christopher Morales’s Legal Guides

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  • The 7 Stages of a Criminal Case

    1. Bail Bail is a payment made to the court allowing a defendant to be released from custody, and is returned once the case is completed and after thedefendant appeared for all court dates. Courts will also accept real estate if its value is twice the set bail amount. Instead ...

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  • The Inside Scoop on Insider Trading

    Insider trading is often mentioned in the news, but many people want to know what Insider Trading exactly means, and when such conduct rises to the level of a criminal act. In todays tumultuous economy, much focus is being placed on the perceived wrongdoings of corporate Amer...

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  • What is United States Anti-Trust Law?

    United States Antitrust Law Although the term antitrust law may sound complex, its simply a way of referring to the body of law that prohibits anti-competitive behavior (a monopoly) or unfair business practices.The purpose of these laws it to promote competition and protect c...

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