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William Keith Parks Jr

William Parks’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Grant

    Excellent Lawyer and Good Person

    Having worked in law offices, I have come into contact with many different lawyers and it is clear when one has the rare combination of genuine care for people and skill. Mr. Parks is one such attorney. His knowledge level in family law surpassed any other attorney I've come across and he explained everything so clearly. But, the most important thing was his concern and care for my family's situation. It is obvious that he is in the legal profession because it is his calling and allows him to really help people.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kiera

    Excellent service, superior results

    William Parks and his team did an excellent job with my case. I have never experienced such professionalism, courtesy, and successful results from a lawyer. I highly recommend both William and Karen from the group.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ali

    Trustworthy when it counts

    I was referred to Parks Law Group by a highly respected attorney and immediately knew Bill must be really good. Well, I wasn't prepared for Bill to be THAT good. I did a bit more research on Bill and found out many other people respect Bill's capability as a family law attorney and divorce lawyer. Bill is very attentive and responsive. He offers a free initial consultation and although he says it's 30 minutes, he gave me almost an hour of his time and undivided attention. Immediately I knew and trusted him with my divorce drama and child custody dispute. Personally, I did not want to deal with my ex, but yet didn't know who to trust either. There are a ridiculous amount of San Francisco family law lawyers in the Bay Area, but there aren't many you can trust with your most personal issues, I can honestly say Bill is one of the few family law attorneys you can trust.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Martina

    Very skilled and competent family lawyer

    Bill caught my attention while I was in court representing myself in my divorce case. He was very confident, well prepared, and utterly cool under pressure. From what I could tell he got exactly what he asked the court for, for his client.

    I later did more research on Bill and realized many people highly recommended him. Therefore, I hired him to represent me in my divorce case. However, my case was not that simple. I was hoping to get custody of my children, asking for alimony and child support. The attorney representing my "ex" was exceedingly difficult and very much a bully. I desperately needed help and Bill knew exactly how to handle my case, the other lawyer, and my many emotions. He also knew how to present the best possible case to the court.

    I would strongly recommend him for any family law problems you are facing.