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  1. Arrested for DUI. No blood results did they lose the blood

    Answered 8 months ago.

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    Hard to answer if they've lost blood without knowing more about where the blood was being processed. In some labs, the blood can be tested fairly quickly; others are seriously backlogged. As yourDUI is at worst a 2nd, your case may be pushed to a back burner as the lab prioritizes in favor of serious felony cases and cases wherein deadlines may be looming. The tube in which your blood was stored should have had a preservative inside before your blood was added; properly administered, this...

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  2. Under CA juvenile criminal procedure can a juvenile record be sealed

    Answered almost 6 years ago.

    1. Jeffrey Brett Hayden
    2. Alec Scott Rose
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    The Juvenile Court clerk or your probation officer has a form in which you request to have your record sealed, you serve a copy to each probation and the District Attorney's office and file with the court. That being said, you need to meet certain qualifications in order to have the record sealed. First, you must have completed your probation. Second, sufficient time must have elapsed such that either five years have passed since the offense date, or you must be 18 years or older,...

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  3. Ordered to appear at the hearing for my juvenile record to be sealed?

    Answered 8 months ago.

    1. Greg Thomas Hill
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    Had the court not ordered you to appear, you might have moved forward alone. Now: YOU ONLY NEED A LAWYER IF YOU WANT THE REQUEST TO BE GRANTED. The court will undoubtedly ask about the new conviction. Of equal importance is the matter that brought you before the juvenile court as well as your performance on probation. An attorney can help you prepare. Having any of your old probation reports or court records will help him/her to prepare you. While the infraction should not prevent you...

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  4. My son has a warrant for a probation Violation, So to day he goes to put him self on Calender .

    Answered 8 months ago.

    1. Joseph Briscoe Dane
    2. Michael Kevin Cernyar
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    Some courts have recently begun to deny someone adding himself/herself to the court calendar when there is a warrant outstanding. A clerk is likely saying what the court wanted that clerk to say. If your son contacts an attorney, he/she may be able to add the matter to a calendar as a work around. If the court set bail, another option might be to post the bail, which would lead to another court date. If your son turns himself into the jail, he will be booked but brought to court within...

  5. Elements to proving child sexual assault, possible plea bargins, sex offender classification as a result of guilty plea finding

    Answered almost 6 years ago.

    1. Anthony D. Cotton
    2. Shalini D Gujavarty
    3. Jeffrey Brett Hayden
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    Under California Law, there are several different laws relating to child sexual assault. The following are included as examples. Adding such elements as force or fear or multiple victims will lead to additional and more serious charges than those shown here. Penal Code section 288(a). Lewd Act With a Child Under 14. The elements: The person touched the body of a child. The child was under 14 years old. The touching was done with the intent to arouse, appeal to, or to gratify the lust,...

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