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Holger Siegwart

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  • Probate and Settlement of Estates in Germany – A Brief Introduction

    If you inherit property in Germany you you be dealing with a legal system, culture, and terminology that are unknown to you and your local counsel. German inheritance law provides that decedents property and rights passes directly to the heirs at the time of death. Under German l...

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  • Erbschaftssteuer - An Overview of German Estate / Inheritance Tax

    Under German tax law each heir and each beneficiary is taxed individually (German inheritance tax). There is no true estate tax in Germany. Inheritance tax rates in Germany vary depending on the degree of kinship and the amount or value received. Each heir or beneficiary is respo...

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  • How to disclaim an inheritance in Germany – Can I inherit debts under German Law?

    Under German law heirs inherit both, decedents assets and debts - unless they timely disclaim the inheritance. German estate and inheritance law provides that decedents property and assets, as well as decedents debts and obligations, are transferred directly to the heir(s) by op...

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  • German Estate and Inheritance Law - Intestate Succession in Germany

    The law governing wills and intestate succession in Germany is found primarily in the German Civil Code (Brgerliches Gesetzbuch, BGB). Inheritance law is federal law in Germany. If German law is applicable, it is irrelevant in which state (Bundesland) of Germany decedent was domi...

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  • Probate in Germany - What is an "Erbschein"?

    A certificate of heirship (Erbschein) is a document issued by a Probate Court in Germany (Nachlassgericht) certifzing the names of the heirs, their respective shares of the estate, and applicable restrictions. The Erbschein is a public record which creates the presumption that i...

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  • Beibehaltungsgenehmigung - Dual Citizenship for Germans in the US

    The special permit to retain German citizenship, the so called Beibehaltungsgenehmigung, has become a hot topic among Germans living in the United States who intend to become U.S. citizens without losing German citizenship at the same time. While German law does not favor dual c...

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