Lori Silver helped me with my estate planning as well as my tax-related work. She has the natural ability to explain very difficult concepts in basic terms so I can understand my finances. Lori spent a great deal of time talking to me about what would be best for my family’s Trust. Her patience and understanding of family dynamics have enabled her to provide the best work possible for my family. No question is too small or unimportant, as Lori will spend whatever time necessary to help me, whether it’s returning a phone call or meeting in person. Lori’s expertise and knowledge in the areas of law, Trust preparation, and estate planning provide an amazingly strong foundation for her work, as she could help me with a variety of issues related to my estate. I have found Lori’s work impeccable. Quite frankly, Lori Silver is an incredible ‘find’ within the field of tax and law! I would give Lori 6 stars (out of 5 stars!)