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Richard Allen Rosen

Richard Rosen’s client reviews

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  • Wonderful at what he does

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carolina

    I have had to hire two lawyers in the past and the firs one was no good what so ever and ended up in prison. A year upon my release from prison I found myself with the wrong people and in need of a GOOD lawyer after doing my homework online I decided that mr. Rosen was the right lawyer for my case. His fees were kind of steep but well worth it to keep my freedom. Facing 9 years this wonderful man worked his magic and I got my charges dropped to misdemeanors!!!!! I highly recommend him and praise him on his skills!

  • Dissatisfied

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Unprofessional, evasive, used me. Mr. Rosen accepted a large fee to defend me with two lawyers, himself and a now suspended H. Antler. At the last minute he reneged, saying that only he would defend me. I took a plea deal for a life sentence because of the loss of half of my legal team, contingent on Mr. Rosens participation in my first parole hearing. I wrote him twice before my hearing to call in his agreed-upon services. no reply. This is patently Unprofessional. I was disappointed in Rosens' service and level of efforts in my case, then his unwillingness to follow through on my parole hearing after being paid such a large sum for doing so little, was the proof to me of his lack of good faith. Look elsewhere if you want a respectable lawyer. I've filed a misconduct complaint, asked for binding arbitration, and reimbursement for some of my money.

  • Great Job!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Sexual Harassment client

    Nobody ever wants to hire a Defense Attorney, however when the need arose and facing 13 felony counts and a lifetime sentence, I called Richard Rosen. I had no idea what to expect or how the system worked, however Richard and his WONDERFUL staff kept me positive, upbeat and confident in their work. Their concern went well beyond a normal client/attorney relationship. Richards work prior to trial time was detailed and intense. During Trial, I was blown away how Richard handled the courtroom. The Gentle Richard I had grown to know turned into a Barracuda and ripped holes into the prosecution witnesses over and over. Our first trial ended in a mistrial with the weight of the votes leaning towards guilt. He and his staff did their homework, did further investigations, new ideas and at the 2nd trial, the votes resulted in 2 acquittals and mistrial in the other counts... favoring Not Guilty 9-2. The case was intense, long and difficult , yet Richard did exactly what he told me he would do. Case dismissed by the DA and Judge. I would highly recommend Richard and his staff when a Defense Attorney is needed. I must also give much Kudos to his wonderful investigator who worked non stop on the case and held my hand during this ordeal, Lynda! She made my family feel welcome in the office, comforted them during trial time and was just an Angel. Janece also was the beautiful smile you need when you walk into the office with a heartfelt "Hi" who also was just wonderful to my family and myself.