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Angelo Felice Campano

Angelo Campano’s Legal Guides

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  • Before You Send That Email from Work...

    Before you click on send and let that email go out into the internet, be advised that a recent California Appeals Court has ruled that emails sent from work to an attorney are not privileged, and can be used in court. In Holmes v. Petrovich Development, an employee used his work ...

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  • Harassed at Work?

    Document the harassment It is important to take notes on the type of harassment you are experiencing, who harassed you, and when the harassment occurred. Keeping notes is important because as time go

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  • How You Can Clean Up Your Criminal Record

    Expungement With an expungement, some of the benefits include telling potential employers that you have not been convicted of a crime; you can be eligible for student loans; you can be eligible for h

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  • Guidelines for Your Deposition

    #1: Listen to the entire question before you give an answer. Do not rush to give an answer. #2: Listen to the entire question closely. Listening to entire question can help avoid misunderstanding wha

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  • What to bring when meeting your attorney

    When meeting with an attorney about an accident you have been in involved in recently, you should bring the following paperwork, photos to the meeting.

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  • Have you been in an accident?

    Police. After an accident, if you can, call the police to the scene and get a report prepared. Medical Care. Do not delay in getting treatment for your injuries. Delaying your medical treatment can a

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