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Jasen Bodie Nielsen

Jasen Nielsen’s Legal Guides

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  • DUI: Breath Test or Blood Test

    Before Arrest: Breath Test Is (Usually) Voluntary When performing a DUI investigation, many officers will attempt to get you to perform what is called a Preliminary Alcohol Screening (PAS) test befor

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  • CA DUI - Prescription Drugs - Overview

    CaliforniaDUI Prescription Drugs CaliforniaDUI cases involving substances other than alcohol are becoming increasingly common.District Attorneys offices throughout the state routinely prosecute people for DUI who have no alcohol whatsoever in their systems, but do take medicat...

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  • Ventura County DUI Penalties

    Ventura DUI - Penalties The penalties associated with a DUI in Ventura County are among the harshest in the state. Whereas in many counties a first time DUI will not result in jail time, the Ventura County District Attorney's Office frequently seeks jail time on first time DUI ...

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  • What Makes a DUI a Felony in California?

    California DUI - Only 3 Ways to be a Felony Driving Under the Influenceis generally a misdemeanor offense throughout the state of California. One's blood alcohol level has no impact on whether or not the case is a felony. There are only three things that can make a DUI a felony:...

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  • Field Sobriety Tests - An Overview

    Field Sobriety Tests 100% Voluntary Field Sobriety Tests, or FSTs, are a central part of nearly every DUI case. They are also 100% voluntary, but the law does not require an officer to inform you of this fact. Law enforcement officers are very good at getting people to perform...

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  • DUI Probation in Ventura County

    Ventura County DUI Probation Inif convicted of a DUI inVentura County DUI, you will be placed on 3 years of summary probationfor a first time DUI.Some of the active terms of probation on a first time DUI include paying all of the fines and fees, doing the jail time or work rele...

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  • Elevated BAC in a California DUI

    The penalties involved in aCalifornia DUI case are potentially even worse in cases with an elevated BAC. Exactly what these penalties include and at what alcohol level differ from county to county andsometimes even from court to court within the same county.The additional potenti...

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