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Dennis Joseph Shea

Dennis Shea’s Legal Guides

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  • Santa Barbara Will Contest Attorney

    Santa Barbara Will Contest Lawyer Santa Barbara County and Ventura, California, Probate Attorney If you are involved in a dispute over the estate of a loved one, whether under a will or a trust, you want an experienced lawyer to protect your interests. Emotions can run high in pr...

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  • Stop Foreclosure

    Santa Barbara Foreclosure Lawyer Santa Barbara and Ventura Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney If you are struggling financially, whether as a result of an unexpected injury or illness, a divorce or the loss of a job, you may fear the loss of your home through foreclosure. Whether you...

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  • Stop Creditor Harassment

    Santa Barbara Creditor Harassment Lawyer Santa Barbara and Ventura Debt Collection Defense Attorney If you have run into financial difficulty, whether you've been injured, lost a job or gone through a divorce, you may live in fear of hearing the phone ring or going to the mailb...

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  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    Santa Barbara Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer Santa Barbara County and Ventura Debt Relief Attorney If you face overwhelming financial difficulty, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing will allow you to permanently discharge some of your debt in exchange for certain assets. Not all debts c...

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