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Stuart Gregory Steingraber

Stuart Steingraber’s Legal Guides

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  • Some Steps to take to Collect Your Judgment

    OK, you won your case and the court ordered your opponent to pay you. Now what? A judgment creditor can take the following steps to increase the likelihood of collecting from the judgment debtor: 1. Get the court to issue an Abstract of Judgment and record it in the county wh...

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  • Save your home using "lien stripping" and Chapter 13 to wipe out secured & unsecured debts!

    Did you know that debtors owing more on their home than it is worth can remove the second mortgage lien on their home held by a creditor? For example, assume you own your home currently valued at $200,000. You have a first mortgage of $250,000 and a second mortgage of $100,000. Y...

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