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Matthew Blake Wallin

Matthew Wallin’s Legal Guides

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  • STAGES OF PROSECUTION (Charged With A Felony Crime? Read This!)

    Initial Investigation During the investigation stage the police gather physical evidence and witness statements to determine if a crime occurred and who committed the crime. Suspects have rights. I

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  • Informal Probation versus Formal Probation in California

    Informal Probation Otherwise known as informal probation. Under Summary Probation the defendant will not be required to report to a probation Officer. The defendant will be given specific requirements that must be met in order to complete a Summary Probation. Formal Probation Un...

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  • Actions Against An Adult's California Drivers License

    Actions Against An Adult's LicenseIf you are stopped by a police officer and cited for a traffic law violation, you sign a promise to appear in traffic court. When you go to court, you may plead guilty or not guilty, or you may forfeit (pay) bail. Paying bail is the same as a gui...

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  • What Is The Benefit of Pre-filing Criminal Investigation?

    PRE-FILING INVESTIGATION Prior to an arrest and prior to the prosecutor filing a formal charge against you, there will likely be an investigation by a police agency. It is important to secure legal counsel if you know or suspect that you are being charged with a crime. An attorne...

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