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Keith David Greene

Keith Greene’s Legal Guides

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  • Income Tax Treatment of Damages Recovery

    Compensatory Damages for Physical Injury Compensatory damages awards and settlements for physical injuries or sickness are not subject to federal or state income tax. Additionally, if the matter is

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  • Recoverable Damages for Personal Injury Cases

    Compensatory Damages Compensatory, or actual, damages seek to make the victim whole, i.e. to restore the victim insofar as possible to his or her preinjury condition. There are two types of compensa

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  • Defending Your Case by Attacking the Traffic Stop

    Slow Driving Where the basis for a traffic stop is slow driving, California courts have held that slow driving alone is not sufficient grounds for a detention unless one is impeding traffic. People v

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  • DUI: What constitutes "driving" a motor vehicle?

    When charged with a DUI, or any crime for that matter, it is critical to understand all the elements of the crime. Further, the prosecution must prove ALL ELEMENTS of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. The elements to a DUI offense include: 1) driving or operating or being ...

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