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Wail Sarieh

Wail Sarieh’s Legal Guides

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  • California Judgment Affecting Out-Of-State Real Property Title

    Property acquired during marriage is divisible community property even though situtated in another state. [Family Code sec. 760] It has been argued, however, that a California court's property division judgment cannot directly affect title to out-of-state real property (Fall v...

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  • California Jurisdiction: Selected Topis

    CALIFORNIA COURTS JURISDICTION OVER ESTABLISHING OR MODIFYING FAMILY LAW ORDERS I. California Court Jurisdiction over establishing or modifying child custody including terminating parental rights: A fundamental difference between UIFSA (California State law regarding support ...

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  • Terminating Parental Rights and Paternity Presumptions

    Terminating Parental Rights If a father is served with a notice of alleged paternity, he should assert his paternity by filing an action within 30 days of being personally served with the notice. Fa

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