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  • If a police officer is charging me for driving on a suspendid license and i was simply traveling, how can i go about this?

    Driving is a privilege yes im aware but traveling is a right and i know my rights just need some clarification. Also if i had past tickets that i pled guilty for and they were traffic tickets will i be able to hire an attorney to re open the case ...

    Linda’s Answer

    Looks like the Attorneys have this one! I agree with all of them.
    Doesn't mean we cannot reopen some of the old cases, but it depends on a lot of factors.
    Remember, just because you have the physical license in your hand does not mean it is not suspended!
    You should consider hiring a lawyer to provide a defense.

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  • What does seal and destroyed mean?

    The judge ordered my records to be sealed and destroyed. Does this include my arrest records? If my records are sealed and destroyed is there any need for expungement? I am a teacher so my fingerprints get ran through DOJ so do I need to state ...

    Linda’s Answer

    You should verify your live scan and see. Sealed and destroyed does not mean expungement.
    Good luck to you.

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  • I received a speeding ticket for 96 in a 45 in Joshua tree California. I need to take care of it asap.

    This was in 2012. I failed to appear in court. I live in Michigan now. How do I go about taking care of this?

    Linda’s Answer

    Contact Competent Traffic Ticket Attorney who handles traffic matters in Southern California. We are out here, waiting to help you.

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  • Fighting a fix-it ticket and a wrongly given speeding ticket that are nearly five years old in California.

    I recently realized I have two tickets still sitting on my driving record from 2010. I was given these tickets in Northern CA but I live in Southern CA. For the fix-it ticket, I didn't have my insurance and registration on me. I sent a copy of bot...

    Linda’s Answer

    Well it depends, more information is needed and clarification as to what you mean by still on your record. If you were convicted, they would be off your record after three years as a general rule. If the Court failed to appear you for some reason, then you should consult with a traffic ticket attorney in your area who is competent to handle the matter. We are out here and we can help, but case specific information is required to properly answer your questions.

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  • Which state will allow me to open a Marijuana coffee cafe

    i want start a coffee shop where people can come and buy marijauna and smoke legal limit marijauna. which state allows consumption of marijauna in a bar and such?

    Linda’s Answer

    You need to consult with competent legal counsel in the states you are interested in. The Other attorneys are correct.

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  • Is my deposit in a business escrow account refundable?

    I put down a deposit to buy a small business in escrow. The exclusivity agreement stated the deposit was non-refundable, but the escrow agreement does not say it isn't refundable. I have found the revenues were substantially overstated and there a...

    Linda’s Answer

    You definitely want to consult with competent legal counsel. The terms of the contracts are going to prevail and you need specific advice for your specific situation.
    Good Luck to you.

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  • Small claims

    I bought a used car from a dealer. They went out of business I had to pay all the fees to the dmv and do a title reconstruction. How do I sue them

    Linda’s Answer

    I agree with the other lawyers. You should consult competent legal counsel. The problem is they are out of business so you are not likely to get anything from them. If it is not too much money, you might just chalk it up to lesson learned.
    Good Luck.

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  • I was ordered to prepare a QDRO, do I need to complete and file form FL-180 Pensions Benefit- attachment to judgment for my

    QDRO to be accepted by the court?

    Linda’s Answer

    Hire a competent attorney who handles preparation of QDRO Orders. They are very specific and require certain things to be valid and enforceable. You are playing with your retirement and you won't find out if your QDRO is not effective until you retire, so it is a good idea to find someone competent to help you with it.

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  • California: Can Business' "alter ego"'s Motion to Set Aside a Default Judgment be used as grounds for piercing corporate veil?

    Alter ego ("AE") let business go; suspended corp. Never answered, default judgment. Can't currently amend judgment because AE did not "control litigation." Now AE threatening to file Motion to Vacate. Should that Motion be filed, can that re-submi...

    Linda’s Answer

    Need more information before any answer can be of use. Your facts are a bit confusing.
    If the corp is suspended it cannot defend any actions. If the AE was a guarantor they can be held liable for the Judgment. If the AE was aware of the lawsuit, why didn't it defend at the time?

    Too many questions to be able to provide you with a helpful answer. Seek competent legal advice.

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  • What is the statute of limitations for an attorney to collect unpaid fees from a client?

    My divorce was final 2004. I just received petition for arbitration for unpaid fees. She started sending bills last year, before that a bill would be sent every once in a while. It's been 11 years can she still sue me?

    Linda’s Answer

    You didn't give a whole lot of details, so I have to say a lot depends on when you paid her last to determine the date of breach. If in fact she did the work in 2004 and you paid last in 2004, you may want to participate in NON-BINDING arbitration and bring up the issue of the Statute of Limitations. You should be able to prevail on those facts.

    However, if you paid one of those bills last year, you may have allowed the statute of limitation to be renewed. You may want to speak with a lawyer about the situation.

    Date of Breach would be the date you last paid on the bill.
    Consult with a lawyer who offers a free consultation. Good Luck to you.

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