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Meldie Marie Moore

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  • I want to adopt my cousins unborn child, what is involved?

    The parents are separated and willing to sign their rights away. They would like me to adopt their child. What is involved?

    Meldie’s Answer

    For a relative adoption, the basics include a home study, an adoption petition, and documents related to possible Indian heritage. Other issues that need to be addressed are whether your cousin wants to waive her 30 day revocation period - the time California law allows birth parents to revoke their consent to the adoption. She would need her own lawyer to advise her on that waiver. Depending on the level of family relationship, either an adoption service provider or a social worker from the California Department of Social Services can take the birth parent consents. If she lives out of state there are additional requirements for which you will need to hire a lawyer, possibly in both states. I recommend you consult with an experienced adoption attorney to discuss all of the facts, potential issues, and procedures in your county.

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  • Steps to adopt my wife's child in L.A.? Bio Dad will sign off. How involved is this? What steps? Expenses, which court? etc.?

    So I have been raising my daughter since birth but I am not her biological parent. I am married to her Mom. Her bio father has nothing to do with her and will gladly sign off. I live in L.A. County. How involved is this? Just want to know the basi...

    Meldie’s Answer

    The cost of a step parent adoption are significantly less than other adoptions, and court fees (filing and investigation fees) should be less than $800.00. If the bio father is willing to sign the necessary paperwork, you may not need a lawyer. Although I advise you at least consult with a lawyer to make sure everything is done correctly. Your daughter will need to know about the adoption. She will have to appear at the adoption finalization hearing and if she is over 12, she needs to consent. The basic timeline is 6-12 months from the time of filing to finalization.

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  • Step parent adoption: Who conducts court investigation?

    My husband wants to adopt my daughter. I understand we will need a court investigator to write a report for the judge. Court's website states this is usually done my a licensed social worker or licensed family therapist, but confirm with clerk. Ar...

    Meldie’s Answer

    Who does the step parent adoption investigation depends on the county where the adoption is filed. For example, in Orange County it is Probate Court Investigation. In Riverside, it is the probation department. You do not hire the investigator, it is done through the court. I agree that using, or at least consulting with an attorney is the wisest course of action.

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  • How hard is a step parent adoption to do on ones own? what are the criteria for abandonment in ca?

    i have two children with another man and he hasnt had anything to do with them (support or visitation) in 10 years. i have sole custody of my two children. my husband wants to adopt them without all the costs that can go with this. my husband and ...

    Meldie’s Answer

    If the biological father is willing to voluntarily sign a consent terminating his rights and agreeing to the step-parent adoption, the process is relatively straightforward. However, there are specific procedures and requirements even in the simple cases, so an attorney experienced in adoptions is advisable. If the biological father will contest the adoption, it would definitely be wise to hire an adoption attorney to help you.
    To prove abandonment in California, the court considers both the willful failure to communicate or provide support in the previous one (1) year.

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