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  1. Charged with dui At the arrainment I was told that no charges were filed. 3 arrainments no charge Can I have this case dismissed

    Answered over 5 years ago.

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    2. Barry Thomas Simons
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    You have a number of issues. Assuming that no one was injured in the accident then the District Attorney has 1 year to file charges against you. The longer they wait, the better your chances are. If your blood alcohol level was below .08% some prosecutors will not file charges but many will. There are (2) seperate offenses in California, CVC 23152(a) makes it a crime to drive while under the influence of alcohol and that can be as low as .05%. You should hire an experienced DUI Lawyer to...

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  2. I got a dui 7 months ago in la. i am currently on probation.1 month ago got a ticket driving on a suspended can i get classA bk

    Answered over 5 years ago.

    1. Barry Thomas Simons
    2. Edward Jerome Blum
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    Your conviction in Pomona triggered a 6 mo. suspension which can be converted into a restricted by showing proof of enrollment in a 1st offender program, filing an SR22 proof of insurance and paying a reinstatement fee. You probably had an Administrative suspension from the DMV as well which can also be converted. If you do that, an experienced criminal lawyer may be able to get your suspended license case reduced to a VC 12500 which is a non point count charge. This will help avoid a new...

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