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  1. Should i hire an attorney before or after my DUI arraignment? I'm not sure how beneficial it will be to get an attorney sooner.

    Answered almost 3 years ago.

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    If you blew under the legal limit in Los Angeles County I wouldn't hire a lawyer so long as you are 21 or older even though I am a DUI attorney. I would go to the arraignment and see if they are even going to file the case against you. Rest assured, they can still file the under the influence count if they feel you were impaired to such a degree you could no longer operate the motor vehicle with the caution characteristic of a sober person. It has been my experience, with certain exceptions,...

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  2. I'm 17 years with a DUI. I hit a mail box. I blew a .11 with a passenger same age as me. What are my consequences.

    Answered about 1 year ago.

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    In Los Angeles County you may face some Cal Trans or Community Labor. You will face a one year suspension. An attorney, skilled at DUI, will be able to assist in this case and make a difference. There are issues of critical need to drive, restitution, misdemeanor record, expungement just to name a few. Sometimes the issue isn't whether or not your guilty sometimes it is damage control. Hire an attorney focused on DUI. If you can't afford a great lawyer don't skimp on a cheap one.

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  3. My boyfriend was sentenced to 27 days for not showing up to community service for a DUI. How long will he really do?

    Answered about 1 year ago.

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    He should be out by now. Make sure he's not being held on any other matters. Contact a bail bondsman and they may be able to help. In Los Angeles county you can check online for an inmate.

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  4. I just got out of doing a six month sentence for something other than this dui. The deal was the dui was dropped.

    Answered about 1 year ago.

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    No. The DMV APS Refusal hearing is separate from the criminal case. You had an opportunity to request a hearing by contacting DMV via your attorney within the first 10 days following your arrest. Now that the DUI is dismissed you can try to get another bite at the apple by getting the prosecutor to sign a DS702 form. Good luck. In Pleasanton, contact Don Drewry for any DUI matters.

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  5. Received a 2 dui

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

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    You should consult an attorney experienced and dedicated to DUI defense immediately. You have a 10 day deadline with the DMV to secure an APS hearing. A 2nd offense DUI requires minimum jail time in California so hiring the best attorney you can afford is the easy decision to make here.

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  6. Was arrested for Dui California Saturday morning

    Answered almost 3 years ago.

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    If you were arrested in California you have 10 calendar days to have your DUI attorney contact the California Department of Motor Vehicles to request a stay on the suspension order served on you by the arresting officer. Please consider and contact our office 949-872-2700.

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  7. I was arrested for DUI, but my BAC was .06. What do you think are the chances of this case being dismissed?

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

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    I would hold off hiring a lawyer and appear in court by yourself if your case was in Los Angeles County. Anywhere else I would hire the best lawyer you can afford.

  8. Can I get my license back before 3 years on my 3rd dui? maybe with an interlock device installed in my car?

    Answered almost 3 years ago.

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    So long as you have no other holds and not on DUI probation for your second DUI you are eligible after six (6) months to request a restricted license. You have to be enrolled in your multiple offender program, have your SR-22 on file with DMV, have an ignition interlock device installed on the car and pay a $125 re-issuance fee to DMV.