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  1. Should my copy of my original will have the signatures of the witnesses

    Answered over 2 years ago.

    1. Jeffrey Bruce Gold
    2. Rudolf J. Karvay
    3. Paul A. Smolinski
    4. Peter Michael Callahan
    5. Sharon Melissa Siegel
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    You very definately should have an EXECUTED copy of your will - "executed" means "signed". Your copy should not only have your signiture but also the signitures of the witnesses, and this completely executed (signed by everyone) will should be in your "papers". You should have a large envelope marked "Will/Final Papers" that is kept in your home where someone can easily find it if you pass away, or are otherwise unable to communicate - let's say, by a srtoke. Certainly a completely signed...

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  2. Am I required to appear for a deposition? What if I do not show?

    Answered over 2 years ago.

    1. Charles F Basil
    2. Paul Y. Lee
    3. Scott M Harrington
    4. David George Thomas
    5. Peter Michael Callahan
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    Were you served with a subpoena requiring your appearance? Or is this simply a request from your employer's risk management department? Both merit serious consideration of your options, but those are two far different matters for concern. And whose witness list are you on, that of the customer who fell, or on your employer's list? You want to keep your employer happy, but there's far less concern for the customer. If you were served with a deposition subpoena, that is a valid court order,...

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