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Gabriel Eric Dorman

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  • Top 5 Limitations of An Expungement

    Prevent Anyone from Discovering the Conviction An expungement does not erase the record of conviction. Instead, the record is updated to reflect that the defendant's guilty plea has been withdrawn, a

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  • California DUI Murder a.k.a. The Watson Murder Rule!

    In California, a DUI resulting in the death of another human being is known as a Watson Murder. The Watson Murder or "Watson Murder Rule" originated with the case of People v. Watson, in which a multiple DUI offender's prior convictions were used to prosecuted him for second-d...

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  • How to Hire A Los Angeles or Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer: How to Handle the Money!

    Take A Deep Breath! Being arrested rarely happens at a convenient time in your life. Understandably, you nervous and left to wonder what is next and what may happen to you. The first thing you need t

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  • How to Avoid A Petty Theft Conviction

    You Must Be Willing to Earn Your Dismissal! Aside from a very good defense, it is highly unlikely that your case will just be dismissed out of the kindness of the court's or prosecutor's heart. That

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  • Top 3 Misrepresentations Made By Los Angeles and Orange County DUI Lawyers

    "Dismissal" or "Reduced Charges" Words like "dismissal" or "reduced charges" sound great to anyone charged with a DUI. After all, you just got arrested for a DUI, you don't know how it all works and

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  • What to Do if Stopped for a DUI in California

    Stay Calm From the very moment you are pulled over for a DUI, the police officer(s) are observing your behavior for signs consistent with intoxication. Therefore, it is extremely important that you r

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